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hawthorn fly
Geoff with client"Advice and articles"
We hope you find these web pages a handy resource. They review the main points covered in your session with Fly Fishing Devon.

As well as teaching and guiding, we do a lot of fishing, and reflection about fishing. Several of these articles introduce the techniques and approaches we find useful for catching wild brown trout on west country rivers. 
  • Casting advice: Key casting concepts; casting faults - diagnosis and treatment
  • Roll casting: Application of Spey & Skagit casting principles to trout fishing
    on small and medium sized rivers
  • The S Mend: a technique for presenting a fly to salmon or sea trout lying under overhanging bankside vegetation
  • Stealth Part 1: The importance of (in)visibility to the trout fisher
  • Review of Simon Gawesworth’s book “Single-Handed Spey Casting”
  • More on trout size: What can the 2014 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Competition tell us about Dartmoor trout?
  • Lessons from America. An appreciation of books by John Gierach "Fly Fishing Small Streams" and Ed Engle "Fishing Small Flies"
"Why is that fly in your flybox?"
Clients often seem curious about the content of our fly boxes. This series of articles may give some insight into the thinking behind the flies we find useful on local rivers. "Appreciation of local rivers" "Local angling history" Endpiece: "Why don't lions eat trees?"


I would like to thank the following people for their help :
  • Sir William "Bill" Peek , Bart., for encouraging me to explore the history of the Avon Fishing Association
  • Jim Coombes for giving me Jack Notley's unpublished manuscript and fly casting leaflet
  • Gordon Bielby for providing copies of relevant sections of the 1860 Royal Commission on Salmon Fisheries
  • Paul and Barbara Heatley -past owners of the Dartmoor Bookshop in Ashburton; a veritable treasure trove
  • Sue and Geoff Stephens for their friendship and sense of fun that keep my feet on the ground
  • Aidin Kenyon for supporting a 'trout bum' and more importantly her knowledge of grammar and punctuation!
  • Our clients who ask questions and make us think about what we are doing, and why.

Author Paul Kenyon

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