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Grimble "The Salmon Rivers of England and Wales": Chapter 8 The Avon and Erme

Augustus Grimble's book was first published in 1904. This page contains an extract - from the 1913 2nd Edition - which gives details of salmon caught on the River Avon between 1860 and 1890. Use the buttons on the left of the screen to turn the book's pages.
Grimble reports that an Angling Association existed before 1866. This predates the Avon Fishing Association that was set up by the Reverend James Notley in 1885.

It is revealing to compare the purchasing power of various prices given by Grimble:
in 1867 a rod licence cost 20 shillings = the purchasing power of £59.87 in 2006
in 1871 kelts were sold at 3d a pound = £0.80 in 2006
in 1903 a season salmon rod licence cost 21 shillings = £77.51 in 2006
in 1903 a season trout rod licence cost 10 shillings = £36.91 in 2006
in 1903 an Avon Fshing Association season ticket cost £2 = £147.64 in 2006
in 1903 an Avon Fshing Association Visitor Ticket for a month cost £1 = £73.82 in 2006
in 1903 an Avon Fshing Association Visitor Ticket for a week cost 10 shillings = £36.91 in 2006

Information on wages and the cost of living in the Victorian era is available here

Season and Visitor Tickets are still issued by the Avon Fishing Association at £56 weekly, £71 fortnightly, £87 monthly (2007 prices). Please email for ticket outlets and membership application.

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  • a 'leister' is a salmon poaching instument
    This one was found in the river below South Brent

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