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Paul Kenyon

This collection of materials, which supported several undergraduate-level psychology courses at the University of Plymouth (UK), won the 1998 Teaching and Learning Award of the Universities and Colleges Information Services Association (UCISA). The site is arranged by course level (years one through three) and by the topics covered in each course. The Year one lecture materials are the most developed, listing each topic, its aim, the content covered, and the learning objectives. Year one coverage includes Neurotransmission, Depression, Schizophrenia, Hormones & Stress, and Animal Behaviour. Most sections (all levels) contain a lecture overview, extensive graphics from transparencies used in class, audio clips, and animated images. Some online interactive learning activities may require JavaScript or Java.

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The Biological Bases of Behaviour Site at the University of Plymouth is a very detailed site of lecture support material for courses taught in the Department of Psychology there. The material has a number of noteable features such as approximate download times for those using a modem, interactive tests and good use of animated gifs to illustrate biological processes ( see this movie of the events thought to be involved in neurotransmission ).

commented ..
One of the best web courses on behavior with a strong background in neurobiology. Appropriate for college students and AP high school biology students.
Extensive, in-depth content that makes excellent use of diagrams, graphs, photos, videos, applets, and audio clips.
To take advantage of everything in this site, you will need to download a number of plug-ins, and you will need to visit this large site several times.

This is undoubtedly one of the best college course sites about behavior on the web! The support materials provided here are extensive; the content is excellent, and the graphs, photographs, biographical materials, and links are of equal quality. Professor Kenyon begins with an extensive discussion of the scientific method, and uses phrenology as the "bad" example, and the dopamine-Parkinson's disease link as the "good" science example. In truth, only the last few topics are directly related to animal behavior, but a firm footing in the comprehensive neurobiology offered in the preceding topics will only make the later material better. Each of the topic-links provide extensive, deep content with all of the graphic, video, and audio "extras."

commented ...Biological Bases of Behaviour - University of Plymouth psychologists have put together a mind-blowing site. Well not quite...but it is an interesting and apparently award-winning site that brings to the Web support material for courses on the Biological Bases of Behaviour, taught by Dr Paul Kenyon. There is plenty on the likes of hormones and stress, stress and behaviour, drugs and anxiety and of course sex. If that caught your attention then you might be disappointed to read what Kenyon has to say as he discusses the role of hormones in sexual behaviour, rather than the nitty gritty. Although he does pose some interesting questions about how to decide on treatment for paedophiles? (8 January 1999) DB support

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are from the University of Plymouth comments: I think it is great, I would like to have more information about the neurotransmitters comments: good site. thanks for putting it together. comments: excellent, Robert D.Robinson psych major, U of Calgary comments: PURE,DEAD BRILLIANT, R.D. Laing, 1966 comments: The loading speed was excellent, even on the internet from Babbage, while the overall clarity and organisation of this site, is equally as good. Much more interesting than boring handouts, which require no effort to obtain and are simply filed away and forgotten !.
George Etchison The info on neurotransmitters was very interesting and easy to understand , but I would like to know more on how different drugs such as caffein affect that part of the central nervous system. comments: VERY GOOD, ALTHOUGH A LITTLE OVER THE TOP! comments: this website is all very pretty, but relatively useless. The information takes far too long to load - maybe a reduction of irrelevent pictures could speed it up. The print outs were also of little value as these were often too wide for A4 or contained diagrams which spanned between two pages, i suggest aligning the site so that relevant printouts are divided so as to print like a book. Thanks comments: superb! I only wish we had access to the computers in 101 and 133 in the evenings as the Babbage and Library are usually too full! comments: nice presentation, I,m in canada so its a long link. Enjoyed the page. If you can find a PET scan say glucose metabolism during rest and during the solution of a math problem, could be illustrative of functional aspect. again congrats. comments: you need to fix up our chat so people go comments: I found this sight to be very interesting and useful; loading speed excellent, the only suggestion would be to change the background colours to enhance the graphic imaging. comments: EXCELLENT-QUICK TO LOAD, VERY COMPREHENSIVE comments: My friend had to go to a mental hospital because of the drugs that she took so I wanted to learn about it because it made me sad comments: very cool comments: Thanks a lot for all. Ineed to know more about stress hormones as a cause for acute M.I. comments: It was listed in a web search,info is very good here,thanks! comments: when printing the picture of the human brain structure, the right hand side is cut off slightly. Maybe the margins should be changed. comments: The graphs are getting cut off on the right hand side of the page, the margins need to be looked at again comments: The subdivisions of the adrenal gland, the picture is only half complete. comments: The graphs are too big to fit onto a page, when printed. As the keys are getting cut off. comments: excellent, I'm studying for exams and found this page very usefull comments: couldnotaccess the panic-anxiety page, which was what I was looking for comments: Fantastic!!! If I pass my biochem exam tomorrow I will write back and let you know. You've certainly given me a good chance. comments: I hate downloading anything, I would like the audio without download, very frustrated I know I want to know about receptor site stuff but can't find it from here! comments: Why only on rats? comments: very handy to suplement lecture notes, but loading speed is extreamly slow if saving more than one topic! comments: Great, but too slow.. comments: It's very usefull. But coming from the states, it's pretty slow loading. comments: IT IS VERY GOOD. I WILL LIKE TO KNOW THE SPECIFIC EFFCTS OF CERTAIN HORMONES ON THE BRAIN comments: Very informative! comments: it goes off man comments: This just incredible. The Ideas and knowledges are well expresses and written in such a way that a simple professor like me could understand. Thank you comments: terrific comments: very good comments: The resource has been very helpful for my revision program and has been a lot less boring than just reading texts. Thanks comments: Excellent. Thank you for doing this comments: We thorught that the learning resource was absolutely amazing - and we're not being sarcastic! comments: Some of the pages on this site are too much to load into a PC Printer. Perhaps reducing the picture sizes might help. comments: Very useful for the course. Essential reading to understand the subject. Very good! comments: Nicely presented page and graphics. Well done. comments: check spelling; estrus cycle of which organism? comments: positive and negative reinforcement comments: I hoped for more information about especific neurotransmitters, their biochemistry and action. Catarina from Portugal. comments: Thank you- this is very helpful. Good website comments: Interested in the effect of rogesteron antibodies on maternal behviour comments: I "surfed' here while trying to gather information about the effects of amphetamine use. This is a GREAT site. comments: Thank u 4 going 2 the trouble involved in putting together such a site. I appreciate it 4 several reasons. I am a psychology student working on a doctorate, but have been in the communications industry 4 over 20 yrs. I help other students to utilize the resources of the internet a assist in their reasearch etc. thus resources such as yours r greatly appreciated! In addition, I was in a serious automobile accident last year & sustained a brain injury, so I'm having 2 learn 2 accomadate 2 my neuro-deficits, so having access to your information helpes me as I relearn or confirm what I have studied b4. I have several suggestions 4 improvements 2 your site. As u stated, these files can take a long time to access & print out successfully. While it is a convience 2b able 2 pull 1 document, it is sometimes easier in the long run for it 2b indexed so that the graphics or tables which r frequently large files & if they r accessed seperately can b accomodated by most printers (buffers). U might look @ The Virtual Hospital, internet site @ the U of Iowa, check out the multi-media teaching files & seminars, "Dissection of the Human Brain" & Psychopharmacology seminar". It would b nice 2 have sample questions or interactive testing available, NYU has a good interactive test program associated with their psychiatry department that u might wish 2 look @ comments: excellent comments: I was unable to retrieve some of the information comments: Very nice & clear! Thank you for such a good site on dopamine and schizophrenia. I found it very interesting. However you say that there are two types of dopamine receptors - It is my understanding that there are more than two. Also you say there is no difference in D1 sz vs. D1 control There is a article saying the opposite in Nature Magazine 385, 578-579 and 634 (1997) comments: cool comments: good, I liked the examples the sound bites and animated examples comments: The detail was highly useful...however, the speed at which this page loaded was quite slow. comments: I thought that this resource was too confusing for people tting to do a report on ACTH... Web Page on Sexuality A very nice page and I am appreciative of the time and effort that you put into it. Also, I went to a conference a while back and Richard Green (The second author on the Gladue, et al LH rebound study you cite.) stated in response to a question that there had been no success in trying to replicate the study. Dorner had some earlier data which I think the Gladue study was an attempt to replicate. Bill Dragoin -- William B. Dragoin, Ph.D. Professor and Head Department of Psychology & Sociology Georgia Southwestern State University Americus, Georgia 31709 comments: Excellent comments: I got into here via Macs in room 133 - very fast link up! comments: The Best site yet, congrats! comments: Hi, I'm very interested the lecture, especially the part about testicular feminization syndrome. And I have a favour to ask of you. Could you send me some materials on this syndrome, 'cause if it is possible. My e-mail is Thanks. Svetlana, Russia, Siberian State University comments: wonderful - a wealth of information ; had what I needed and more comments: nice job of putting text and graphics together comments: great comments: fabulous! comments: The internet neuroscience teaching resource is unbelievable. I will use your resource in two ways. First I teach a non-majors biology class at Penn and I use the internet in the classroom to present my notes to the students. ( I haven't put the time into developing the figures the way you have and I can only admire what you have done. (My husband is working on an on-line physics textbook which you might like to see at: I will also use the sheep dissetion resource in a workhop for HS teachers I"m doing with several other faculty members and graduate students from the Institute of Neuroscience at Penn. Thank you so sharing your vision and tremendous resource with the rest of us in the neuroscience community. Jackie Tanaka University of Pennsylvania comments: fast, clear, easy to use. thanks. comments: I thought that this learning resource was very helpful in the fact that you could access it at anytime, whereas in the library the books are not always there. comments: I was really impressed with it! Thanks for putting it on the web! comments: wow...thank you so much! i was looking everywhere for pictures like these. comments: Dear Sir: Im a first year student for PHD in Neurosciences, and i work with 2 grade students, who works with me at my Lab, they were who discovered this site, and the use it in their classes, in secret, after 3 weeks they confess and show me your webb site, its great, really, clear and direct, usefull for students and for teachers, so please recive my congratulations. Med. Vet. Carlos Blanco. Area de Anatomia, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias. Universidad de Buenos Aires. comments: Hi - Thanks from Carroll College of Wisconsin. We performed ovariectomies in physiology lab without conclusive results. Our professor left it up to us to find helpful sites like this. It was well organized and very interesting. comments: just fantastic! comments: As an OAC student I found this resource and it' s layout both informative and inovative. It was the originality and creativity which caught my attention and prompted me to look further, Excellent Work! comments: I have just recently begun using the web as a means of resurch and I am amazed at the amount of junk I have to muddel through. However, when I hit on a site like this, it makes it worth my effort. It was clearly presented, contained helpful links, and was even entertaining. Excellent! comments: very helpful and intuitive comments: Very interesting page except for the spice girls...I don't care for them much comments: Very impressive site. I will have a good look around, Vernon Tupper, CSU Bathurst, NSW, Australia, comments: I am currently doing a behavioral study on the effects of amphetamine microdialysis into the nucleus accumbens, and found some very useful information on your learning resources page. My name is: Pedro Galvan, and I am dong this work in the laboratory of Dr. Joe L. Martinez, Jr. at U. of Texas San Antonio. comments: The learning resource is great, however I would like to see more info on the research findings about the role of neurotransmitters in schizophrenia . D.T 1997 comments: Excellent coverage, thank you ! comments: very impressive comments: GREAT!! comments: You must have descended from Heaven. Only just started looking but can already see very useful materials for many courses (I'm a Psychology lecturer on Biological side.) If I manage to sort out the other relevant sites, etc we are finding I'll ask our WWW person to see about setting up a link so your students can benefit as well as ours. (One obviously relevant connection here - which I'm sure you will already have - would be to the human equivalent. I've got the address but I'll check through what you've already collected first. Thanks, Keith Morgan. comments: I find your site very interesting, useful and well done; I couldn't however find the reference for the Geller-Seifter paradigm. comments: This resource has been exceptionally helpfull to back up your lectures, especially the inclusion of other research articles and alternative sources of information. One area that may help when it comes to revision could possibly be the listing of a wide variety of exam questions as the past papers rarely give questions that can be related to each topic area. Thanks. comments: Really liked your page. The information hit home on the CAH women. When I saw the episode John Stossel did about 3 years ago and then the updated version this past week (1/98) I had wanted to find out more information on this subject and gosh, you provided a gool deal. I am totally hetro but ALWAYS felt different from my peers. I had little or no interest in children, marriage, and have always HATED fussing with my hair. Thank god I have beautiful hair. Anyhow your site is very interesting and a wealth of information. comments: I think this is a wonderful learning resource - entertaining as well as informative and the best I've seen of the university home pages on the web.
Dr. Anna E. Ross, Associate Professor of Biology I've just discovered your Biological Bases of Behaviour web site. What a wonderful resource. I'm teaching Animal Behavior this term and I'll be referring my students to your site. The material on the history of the field and the ethological experiments is wonderful. (Many of the same examples I use in class.) I really like the illustrations you have compiled. I hope it's ok if I use some during a class presentation... of course I will include a complete citation and documentation... Showing a couple of the images should whet my students' appetites so they'll want to see you materials for themselves. 05comments: An excellent presentation of information and relevant links. The site acts as an excellent starting point in this area and in fact covers a great deal of the material already in fairly comprehensive detail. Thank you. comments: very informative and interesting comments: fenomenal! congratulations! one of the best I ever saw! comments: Your information was very informative bit it takes so long to load, at the moment I'm still waiting for it to load. Other than your information is really interesting and helpful my research paper I have to do. Thankyou! comments: Very good, much better than my own professor's. was lots of help. Just visiting from UC Davis. comments: BRILLIANT WORK.....I SHOULD THANK YOU !!!!!! comments: well organized and thorough comments: Excellent resource. (Might be useful to break up into smaller linked pages.) - David at comments: Please upgrade previous comment from "Excellent" (A) to A-double-plus. I had hit your animal behaviour page -- hadn't understood extent of your superb work. -David (again) teaching biopsych in Fredericton, Canada comments: AWESOME!!!! comments: I thought that it was very informative comments: excellent-fast and informative
suppressed 05comments: More easily understood than my lecturer this morning!!! comments: I found this learning resource a great help! It was very informative and easy to read. comments: You have got to be kidding. SHORTEN THIS (*^*(^& PAGE!!! Have you never heard of subdirectories?!? With one of the fastest modems and the best pentium on the market, this took all night to load. comments: Wow! Very interesting!!! I'm a Psych major at OSU and found this fascinating, thanks! comments: How many neurotransmitters has science dicovered up until now? comments: Very good comments: I object to the necessity of including the dated and sexist photos of women to illustrate direction in an otherwise very useful site. 05comments: I think is very carefully and toughtfully done; I suggest to use more references where possible. comments: It's great! comments: i felt that it was very informative
Lisa Wood I happened upon your web page in looking at Plymouth as a possible stop during my travels this summer (with my six year-old daughter). I'm a psychology professor at a small liberal arts university near Seattle, Washington (USA). I'm very impressed with the student questionnaires on the web...great idea for survey research and for screening subjects for experiments. I also enjoyed my brief scan through your materials on aggression and gender. A few years ago I taught a course on aggression and have been considering a resurrection of the seminar. In any case, my family lived in Plymouth before the turn of the century and are listed at the old synagogue there. So I may head that way by rail. In any case, I've marked your web page and will return to it when I have more time. comments: The loading speed was a bit slow, it depended on how I accessed it. The material is amazing, organised well, and loads of interesting info. Cheers Alex Murphy comments: NOT enough INFO. 05comments: Excellant diagrams! comments: brilliant fantastic 05comments: As a college student doing research, I found this resource incredibly helpful. Thanks. comments: I am a level 3 student of psychology with the OU. I already have a PASS degree in psychology but want to improve my degree. This psychology site, you have, is really first rate. I just wish that many other University's inc. the OU had such an interesting and usefull site. Thank you Maurice Turner. comments: It is too big! split it up a bit comments: Damm good site. Wish I was on the course!! What about listing course literature on your website? Hey - what about being able to offer students abilitiy to BUY the books then and there?? Hey - want more information? Please see and help out a litte Plymouth student. Cheers. comments: Very informative as far as introduction to new information, would like more info about the topic. Great graphics. 05comments: very impressed comments: most informative site on rat courtship and reproduction found comments: excellent visual images 05comments: I came across your site on accident while studying for Psy.Phy.-VERY HELPFUL - Thank you!!!! comments: let us download your pictures
Reply from PK - feel free to download any pictures you find helpful.
Right click on your mouse to bring up a sub-menu with a 'Save Image as ... ' option comments: The out line that is important for the exam is not clear you have lots of different net works going of in all sorts of different dirrections . I also have a problem with byte space and cannot down load this information. Although my field of expertise is physiology of perception, I've been asked to teach a summer school course on sex and gender. I'm looking for well-written reference and textbooks on this subject, and I thought you might have some suggestions, since your web site/course seems to be particularly well thought out! Any ideas? I am also wondering if you could give me information on sources for interesting slides/videos. Such visuals always enliven the subject.
Reply from PK. Please send me your e-mail address so that I can reply to this query comments: Thank god I've finally found something relevant to my degree , informative and useful for my immunology exam revision on the net - got any more of the same on other topics ?
Reply from PK. Try comments: I like to know something about relationship between adrenal hyperplasia ( adrenogenital syndrome) and food, esp. animal proteins. Thank you.
Reply from PK. I am not aware of any research linking the genetic condition CAH/AGS to food. comments: good info!!! thx a lot for ur help comments: What the heck is nalorone and how is it used to study the effects of neurotransmitters?
Reply from PK. I think you may mean naloxone rather than nalorone. Naloxone binds to receptor sites occupied by morphine. Here is an an example of how it is used to study the effects of neurotransmitters.
Some Principles for Decoding Local Neuronal Systems in the Mammalian Central Nervous System by Stanislav Reinis Department of Psychology University of Waterloo comments: Good overall, but you should consider splitting the content over several pagees, rather than on one page. This page alone (neurotransmitters), gets turned into a 50MB print file when trying to print, which knocked my print server over!! Also, the page is _not_ 384kb, as the neurotransmission gif animation (pk1rendered2.gif) is nearly 3MB in size!! Reply from PK. This large animation has now been given its own page. comments: VERY ORGANISED, INFORMATIVE & USER FRIENDLY comments: very good comments: I was very pleased with the information. I am studying chemical dependency and we need to know how the brain functions and how drugs deplete neutrotransmitters and stop production. comments: Good idea to place the animated GIF on a separate page !! comments: What are career and educational opportunities for animal psychology? or can you direct me to find the answer? Thanks!
Reply from PK. I assume you are living in the US. If so, try the Amercican Psychological Society Employment Bulletin and the Graduate Student Resources for educational opportunities. In the UK try the British Psychological Society web site. They have a Careers in Psychology section comments: excellent organisation and detail/ clarity of information comments: Absolutley wonderfull!!!! Great Job. I've been a psychology major for 3 years and wish I would have found your site earlier! comments: This is a wonderful learning experience! Please, keep up the good work. D. Scranton comments: Very impressing- by the way- this should have been translated- I would like. comments: I am interested in learning more about physionomy in general. Please direct. comments: Found your site very interesting but was curious as to when you wrote this. We are currently studying five D receptors and the newer antipsychotics which affect all of thesse as well as histamine ans serotonergic receptors. Loading speed was fine and organisation of your page likewise. Reply from PK. Thanks for your comments. You are quite right to point out the multiplicity of receptor sites, and the availability of drugs which act as agonists and antagonists on them. I simplify the picture when I introduce this area to second year students, but some students elect to study the area in more depth in their final undergraduate year. comments: Check your pharmacology before disseminating information on the mechanism of action of Viagra. Erection occurs following dilation of the afferent blood vessels of the penis and the cGMP responsible for this is generated locally. It is almost certainly not due to a direct action of brain-derived cGMP Reply from PK. Thanks for pointing this out. The explanation for Viagra's action is given in quotes as it appears on the Virginia Urology Centre Viagra page. I will check out the issue you raise. Thanks again. comments: This is excellent. Probably the best, most thorough coverage of a subject on the internet. Loads a bit slowly for me, but not overly so. comments: Excellent! Links well to my research and thinking on developing individual and organisational learning strategies. The individual rules! Great page! Here's the new url for the F.A.S. article: comments: Excellent format and simplicity of presentation comments: excellent, i have a child with autism who has recently experienced psychotic episodes and is currently taking risperdal(sp?) and dexedrine alternating with adderal. Dexedrine is about the only thing that works consistently. Don't even like the rispirdal, but only thing that has helped with psychotic episodes. I would like to try lithium or depakote. Child is 6 1/2 yr old boy.
  Hi, there. I happened upon your article http:// on the web, because a newborn niece has CAH. I found it confusing that you have several pictures labeled CAH in the HTML text, and AGS in the graphic. I take it from this (and other reading) that they are the same syndrome? Perhaps a word or two about whether they are equivalent, and more consistent language would be a help. Thank you for sharing this helpful resource with others on the Web. Reply from PK. Sorry about this confusion, you are quite right, AGS and CAH refer to the same syndrome. I will make this point clearer on the page. comments: excellent job. must have taken a lot of time and energy. Not many people would bother COngratulations comments: Excellent material! What foods or nutrients stimulate ACTH in the human body? Reply from PK. As far as I know, ACTH levels are not sensitive to food intake, but I could be wrong. I'll check it out and add what I find here. wonderful!!! one of the really important matters on the web. congratulations GREAT JOB! excellent job!! I like it very much. Most the explanation with help of the Spice Girls. It's more easy to learn when you have something to laugh about!! Excuse my bad english, I'm from germany. Best wishes, Sabine Hackenberg, Wuppertal, Germany this was a totaly groovey web site. I wish I could take your class!!!! I have some psychology question. I would like for someone to help me answer about 25 qestion. If you can not help me, could you please tell me who can. Reply from PK. If you are a psychology student at Plymouth, e-mail me your questions. If you are not a Plymouth student then I am sorry but I am really busy at the moment- our teaching semester has just begun. Can your tutor not help you? I took a look at this site because of its title thinking some of our Psyc faculty might be interested. I was so impressed that I sent it to all of them as well as to a few behavioural biologists. I'm glad I took a look from top to bottom or I'd have missed your Internet sites and I liked the links to local places. I didn't actually click on anything but it appears very well laid out. I showed my friend the yellow background feature- 'not on the exam,' Loved the whole thing. Flora Grabowska - Science Librarian Vassar College i would like to say "well done" for producing such a great web site. i particularly enjoyed the animations which aided my understanding of the topic. thanks i have a question. why do people with this type of disorder (schiz)put there hands up to their mouths with their hand clinched in a fist? Reply from PK. As far as I know this behaviour is not seen in all schizophrenics. Some of the drugs used to treat schizophrenia can cause extrapyramidal side effects. These are described at effects of classic antipsychotics I have been researching information for my final year project and have come across your web site which is very interesting as it holds similarities to my project.....I am also interested in the site as I will be studying Biological Basis of Behaviour this semester and will be tuning in for further information. I must say though that the site looks very good. The grathics are great and very eye catching. It loks like you have done a good job! Very good brilliant no helpful essays
suppressed I have been in a class on The psychology and physiology of chemical dependency. This page was better organized, clear, and had great graphics - easy to understand. Keep up the good work. My instructor ought to be ashamed he didn't discover it. comments: loading - excellent structured organisation info.- high quality thank you - very useful Cristiano Pires Animal Behaviour Pedagogical University- Maputo Your site is not only good but also very informativ. It seems to be one of the best materials within animal behaviour pages. Thank you for this portunity. Dear Paul, I thought this was extremely useful. I was wondering if you would mind if I borrowed parts of it and/or included the link on our Neural Bases of Learning and Motivation course (which has one lecture on sex). I'll assume you don't mind unless I hear otherwise. When my lecture notes are complete, I'd be more than happy to send you the URL in return! Many thanks, Kate Jeffery Dept. of Anatomy University College London Reply from PK. Kate, You are very welcome to use anything you find useful Excellent layout, content, speed and structure, BUT printing out for later study using NAV 4.07 and others causes the images to move around, if printed at all, often covering text! Any tips to get around this would be appreciated. ps. i was printing the first section of behaviour resource Reply from PK. Sorry yopu had printing problems. One thing to try is pressing the Stop button on the top of the Navigator window before printing Really useful information and good links to otherinformative sites.Loading was quite slow but this is probably due to the large amount of information available. Brilliant information,especially as I havejustbegun a coursein Animal behaviour Only problem is it took quitea long time to load but it was worth the wait!! good Unbelievable. Thank you so much! very good, informative, but also fun! Thanks for the excellent little abstracts. There is an important gap to be filled between professional, academic research and that of the serious amateur, author or armchair philosopher - a broader, searchable base with its own search engine would be valuable. A "new developments" section would be wonderful. I leave here with optimised motor programs and will visit again... It has been found to be very enlightening. The presentation was clear and understandable . I will return to this site for further reference. Tried to use the link to essay writing provided on the page titled 'Essay writing What is it and how do I do it.' URL: However the link does not appear to be working. Reply from PK. I checked this link & it appears to be working This site is excellent! Well organized, easy to understand. I especially appreciate the page on sectioning of the brain, as that wasn't covered in our Psych 101. Thanks a lot! - Shannon You site is wonderful! It is a very student-friendly learning experience. Thanks for including my book (the second edition should be out soon). Cordially, Randy J. Nelson, Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience The Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD 21218-2686 USA
  Reading this made me decide to call my doctor and make an appointment. I am 17, I am female and Anxity runs in my family. I started to have attacts 6 months ago and they seem to be getting worse, now I know that I must get help fast! Thank you so much for explaining these attacts they way you did! Excellent! The web as it ought to be -not as 99.009% actually is. Like the light at the end of a very darkened and empty abyss of glitzy flashs, whistles,voids and time comsuming fun and frustration . Thank you. Excellent information - graphics were very helpful - thank you! Excellent. Lots of appropriate material and easily accessible. sweet! this was very informative and relavant to my coarse. well done dudes Really original! Glad I found it. Thank you. Great detail. I am a reviewer in Cellular and Gene Therapy at the FDA that must try to sift through the facts to review the safety of the neural implants. Very impressive. A little slow in loading, but worth the wait. John Bishop Beautiful. Just Beautiful I am a student of biochemistry, and i'm very impressed with your site.It is a very good way to introduce people with these subjects.Techical details are allso good. Keep it that way! enjoyed your site. Informative. Liked cool 3-D graphics. Would like to see type legibility consistant with graphing. But, I would have no idea how to create any 3-D graph! :) good very good I am currently a student who desperately needed information and i found your site to be exactly what I needed. Thank You, I would be interested in knowing what you thought of pre-menapause? Anger,depression,and the rest, do you believe in treating with herbs? please e-mail your thoughts back, thank you,Sue Reply from PK. Sorry, I can't respond via email; you did not leave your address. I have no knowledge about the herbal treatment of these conditions. Marvelous and Informative! My only suggestion is to check grammar and spelling. I came upon this site while researching a question from one of my students (How fast are neural transmissions? Faster than the speed of light?) and found your page to be excellent and humorous. Maybe you could point me in the right direction for an answer that can be understood in layman's terms. Thanks a wonderful resource. your discussion of the flaws in the executive monkey experiment were extremely helpful. I will be citing them in the footnotes to my upcoming book for John Wiley & Sons, _Global Brain: the evolution of mass mind from the Big Bang to the 21st century._ All thanks-- (P.S. for additional information of possible value, see my previous book, _The Lucifer Principle: a scientific expedition into the forces of history_, which covers the cultural, historical, psychological, and physiological consequences of stress at length.)

Howard Bloom (founder: International Paleopsychology Project; member: New York Academy of Sciences, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Psychological Society, Academy of Political Science, Human Behavior and Evolution Society, European Sociobiological Society; board member: Epic of Evolution Society) Great site!!
I see your link to the MIT sheep brain page doesn't work, at least not today.
I'd like to recommend our sheep brain dissection guide--
It's based on an older DOS-based program--actually, the MIT site uses images from that version (slightly bigger and a bit higher resolution than what we opted for in the web-based version).
We're plugging away at a humand brain guide, but aren't there yet.
Once again--GREAT SITE!!! I'm adding it to my page of Likeable Links
Tim Cannon Hello, I'm a mature student studing part time, I'm pleased with the presentation but perhaps some more details please. Reply from PK. Please let me know what you would find useful, I'll do my best ... Thank you very much. This site is wonderfull, professional, scientific correct et cetera - I read the prints of your site every morning in bed.
Jaap van der Srel
The Netherlands
[I am social scientist and work in a mental health office] Paul, I've found this site very useful for teaching purposes - the students like it as well. The only problem I've had is trying to connect to the server at the Uni. of Hanover, where the tutorials in basic neural processes are located. This site is also very useful - but difficult to use for teaching as access is very variable. Is there a reason for this? Do you know of any handy tips to get access? Or similar sites? Reply from PK. Did you have a problem accessing John Krantz' site at ? I have just loaded it successfully - maybe it was down when you tried?  
  excellent for the short submit. thank you it was very good and well organized. Keep up the good work. I am a translator of medical texts from English into German and came across your web site as the result of a search for Hoehn and Yahr Staging for a translation project. I was quite intrigued with the German machine translation at the beginning - it is gibberish and totally intellegible! What a shame for an otherwise very informative web site. But at least I do not have to worry about being replaced by a computer any time soon! If you need any real professional translations you can contact me under Sincerely, Susanne Correll for Interlanguage, Inc. Memphis, TN, USA Reply from PK. Thanks for this feedback. I don't speak German. We British are notorious for our poor grasp of foreign languages! The translation relies on AltaVista's SYSTRAN which claims to " translate words, phrases, and entire Web sites into a variety of different languages". I will remove the links to the German translations. As far as I know the French translation is acceptable. Thanks again. This is the first time I have visited this site and have found it to be very informative with lots of useful information. The speed of the information retrieval is excellent. I will definetly be visiting this site again. too much graphics, not enough informational text Very useful indeed. I wish I could afford more telephone time to read in detail Donald Bligh -Exeter great site -- very novel Good.. I REALLY ENJOYED THE EASY READING, IT MADE ME COMPREHEND THIS NEW TOPIC VERY WELL.THE DIAGRAMS WERE GREAT!I EVEN ADDED ONE OF THEM T0 MY FAVORITES.THANK YOU, AND PLEASE KEEP IT UP FOR THE EGER STUDENTS LIKE ME. It's a very well writen site, but it's probably for people older than me because I can't understand it very well. Brilliant! I actually understand this! Which for someone who failed 5th Form General Science is no mean achievement. Well done. Quick to load, well organised, clear. Thank you. One of the best resources I've found on-line for getting hold of basic information on anxiolytics. I recently became involved in development of a novel anxiolytic compound in clinical trials in US and found this presentation (along with the next programme in the series) quite useful. Regards - a friend from across the pond Great! Keep it up. Thanks. Very readable and informative without being too technical. More info on female is good and I appreciate it very much I am a psych teacher in junior college and appreciate all the information people like you spent time to disseminate for those of us who are novices. thank you very much I thought that this web site is absolutely splendid The loading speed was good, but it didn't load all of the pictures. There were a few pictures that were either half there, or not there at all. The detail and clarity was good also. I am a student at Concordia University in Montreal and I thank you for these precious notes that helped be for one of my papers...! Very well done. It was well put together, loaded quickly, and was well organized and understandable. I only being a high school freshmen even was a ble to get much out of it. Loading speed was fine. Content:- very interesting. I am a sufffer of Parkinsons Disease and an ex nurse. Clear, organised, with enough detail to understand whether one would need more depth regarding the topic I got to your site by accident - preparing a lecture on TD. I am a neurologist in Priv Practice, but was at UTSouthwestern for 10 yrs, neurotransmitter chemistry was my interest (graduate training with Adrian Dunn). I feel you have really done a fantastic job with this, mu congratulations. Ron Tintner, MD This website is great as I have found it difficult in the past to get info on animal psychology though I knew it existed. I feel the animals should be larger specimens as they would be more interesting and could be compared more easily with humans. very informative explain the hormone produced by the glands . Talk about other kinds of glands like sexual glands foe example testerone and ovary glands. Reply from PK. Check out I am very impressed with the website I only hope that I can take this course on the internet. If this is possible please email me soon. Thankx Reply from PK. Sorry, this course is not available as a distance learning module. I am wary of the graphs about the females with AGS. Most of the categories recorded were highly subjective, and a researcher could easily see only what he or she wanted, expected, or chose to see. I am a psychology student at the University of Cincinnati, and I am taking psychobiology which can be hard at times. Your website has given me simple hands on answers to some problems I have had in my class. Thank You Wow!!! So much information at once and I can still think... it was very well presented and I enjoyed every part of it, each paragraph unfolded a world that before seemed quite obscure but has now sparked my curiosity to continue to learn more about it. Thank you for putting the time and effort :) Margarita HG '00 -Hollins University- Roanoke, VA Excellent - Have been diagnosed with Hypertension by my Doctor and am doing a little private research. Thanks for the information. I need to learn all i can.Everything did great. Superb, your resource is concise and very readable. As a amateur on these topics,I found it easy to understand. Excellent in use of multi media. More web resources on the scientific method would have been useful. very informative comments: I thought that it was supposed to have information on the biological parts of aggression. Reply from PK. Here is some information that may help you It's great!!!!! comments: GREAT WORK!!!!! I JUST LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!! comments: very interesting , well set out and the use of colour definietly aiding understanding comments: Your presentation is very stimulating and useful. For my own purposes, that relate to learning experiences less connected to studying and much more to learning-by-doing, experiencing and working under a "master", I find your categorisation rather narrow. Perhaps distinctions such as "deep" and "shallow" learning apply also to learning that is less related to studying. Iwould very much appreciate any hints. Sincerely comments: Very good! Enjoyed the diagrams, as well as the tie-in to dog disorders! comments: Great, useful site! keep on going comments: Wow! This was great. My daughter turned me on to this site. I was trying to find info for a psych paper I have to write to complete my degree. I wish I had the opportunity to attend your classes but I am not sure if I could cope with the stress level! I have so much more to learn. Thanks. comments: i stumbled onto your websit in search of an answer. it is known that a neuron can release more than one type of neuron, but can the same stimulation release say both DA and EPI at the same time, or is the proccess either or. Reply from PK. I will check out if a neuron can release more than one type of neurotransmitter in response to a single input. excellent, clear, atticulate, presentable. Reply from PK. Thanks for this comment on This VRML project is my latest venture & I am curious to know how useful VRML models are to site visitors. comments: Sorry, but the German used in this tutorial is really terrible. Reply from PK. As you probably guessed, I am not able to speak or read German. The translation is made by machine. I will take down these pages until I get help with the translation. Any offers? comments: this is wonderful - sufficient detail without droning on, excellent graphics; my only quibble would be lack of references - eg the Bourne and Janis stuff. any chance of sending me the references, please? amazing! fast accurate informative clear and concise Excellent. Thank you for the information. I have vitiligo that is, I believe, somehow related to stress factors. I am doing research to hopefully learn something that will help suppress the vitiligo. comments: excellent comments: This is an interesting source. I love the Spice Girls. comments: it was great and informative what about human instict , does it exist? Reply from PK. Eibl-Eibesfeldt has identified and recorded on film, several human FAPs or human 'universals' e.g. smiling and the "eyebrow-flash". See comments: I think it is a good way to show people what they are dealing with, but my question is what is the possitive side of stress. Please this is an urgent message, can you give me an answer back. Thank you Reply from PK. I cannot think of any 'positive' effects associated with very stressful situations (i.e. high coping response rate and negative feedback) comments: Wow - Good stuff! comments: Dear Sir; My colleagues and I found your resource extremely informative and the time spent downloading, was time well spent. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Edward Connor Reg. N., Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Good introduction to pharmacology of schizophrenia. comments: Yes! This is an excellent site. The enthusiasm for teaching comes through lod and clear, without detracting in any way from the quality of the conttent, which is in my opinion right on the marl for undergrad. neuropsych and psych students. This is what the www is about in teaching - allowing access to excellent sites like this to increase the bredth and depth of educational exposure . Nice work. comments: i am looking for a diagram of a cell sructure and would like to know where i can find one. Reply from PK. Figure 2.4 on page 24 of Carlson's textbook "Physiology of Behavior", Allyn & Bacon, 6th edition 1998 may help you The site is very informative and resourceful to the educators like me. The loading speed is normal. Organisation is also good. Whenever you update this site please inform me. With regards, Dr.V.S.S.Kannan. comments: This is a very helpful aide to students of human sexuality. comments: WOW!! I'm sending this on to a friend. I'll download and read it more carefully later. The 3rd ed of my book Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities wil be out in January or February. Erlbaum is the publisher ( if you are interested. Great job! Diane F. Halpern ( comments: Very Useful! Lucy Ford Brackenhurst College The site is excellent. The Stress and Behavior activity is terrific. comments: Very Good, less boring than just a text book. Only a bit less simple to learn from a screen. comments: I think this method of learning is excellent. There is not enough time in lectures to cover all the relevent materials and this way you have time to fully understand what you are reading. The layout is excellent and it is very useful to have handouts on the lecture outline and of the diagrams because it means that making notes off the web page i much clearer. The clarity is also really good and the points to ponder make you think about what you have just read. It is also an enjoyable way to learn - what more can a girl ask for!!!. comments: Very good. Though I think it would be better if you could print an overview of all the pages for evision purposes. it is very hard to print off all the information... it would be better if it was already printed off for us. Reply from PK. Print outs available in The Psychology Information Room located in Room 226 in the Link Block. cannot access IDEAL. " Server does not have DNS entry" ?? Reply from PK. Worked fine today 7th Oct.'99 at 13:45. The URL is comments: Which Lecture Support Pages Do We Need To Look At, 2.DA Receptors And Schizophrenia Was Not Covered In Your Face-To-Face Lecture? Reply from PK. Make sure you look at the material for the course you are taking. This years second year course is under the heading 'PSY221 Physiological Psychology and Perception: Year 2 lecture support material ' Hi Paul Thanks for all the info. However when I print out the pages there are often page breaks in the middle of a drawing or graph etc which obviously makes them difficult to study. Could this be resolved? Reply from PK. Money & time saving tip : Try to avoid printing these pages. Some pages are very large and contain animated images. Copies of this web site are available in the Information Room Collection. If you are lucky enough to own your own computer, you may find "Browsing Lecture Support Material on your home computer" useful . And secondly I tried to down load the Neuroendocrinology article and despite loading Adobe it would not present the document as I was a guest to Ideal and not an authorised user as I did not have the necessary name and password. Is this right or am I doing something wrong? Reply from PK. I think the problem is to do with IDEAL not allowing the computer you were using unrestricted access. Your computer's IP address was the canonical name is Normally Plymouth computers start with the numbers 141.163. etc. IDEAL uses the 141.163 part to authenticate users and this may have failed. It is possible that you were using a 141.163. machine, but that it was set up to use a cache at and this caused the problem. I would expect IDEAL to allow unrestricted access from academic sites. I suspect that IDEAL has denied access to because it is a commercial machine. Are you using FreeServe as your ISP? One solution might be to try using a machine in the psychology department. If there are still problems, get back to me & I will investigate the cache settings on our machines. Regards Gill Nelson comments: Terrible. I haven't got the time to fight with electronic media: it's sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes not working at all and includes pages by individuals and companies that all have there own idea of how connections should be displayed (or hidden)and accessed. Surely no-one can argue that this method of accessing lecture support material is better than obtaining hard copies from the information room!For one thing hard copies are easier to read and so on. Please continue to put any relevant material in the info room or give details re accessing them in the library. It's an important year and this is just an inconvenience - especially trying to access 'ideal' only to be dissapointed after god knows how many wasdted minutes. Sorry for the abrupt tone but i'm know in a bad mood! I'm not a ludite, I'm just trying to work efficiently. Reply from PK. Sorry to hear that you experienced problems accessing the IDEAL site. But often if you persevere with something difficult, you can gain valuable insights into how things work. Sometimes, things presented on a plate don't make much of a lasting impression. Your webpages are very good indeed - very interesting. Could you please reccommend to me a book or paper which would help me understand the changes that occur in menstruation, in a scientific way? Reply from PK. This is covered in many books- rather than suggesting a specific book that you may not be able to obtain - I suggest you look at books on physiology or endocrinology, look up menstruation/reproduction in the index. If you don't find what you need e-mail me again.
  Dear Dr. Kenyon: I simply wanted to convey my gratitude for the effort you have invested in this training site. It has become invaluable to me and my students. I am collaborating with some folks in Kenya and am very excited about applying what I'm learning to data collection there (and here too). Of course, it seems like a candystore to me--the possibilities these web-based approaches seem to be opening up. Once again, mega thanks! Best Regards, Francis Abueg Francis R. Abueg, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist comments: The loading speed for the animated version of the neurotransmitter took forever and I still don't understand how it works. More examples of the neurotransmitter could help me more. Reply from PK. Yes, the neurotransmitter animation is a large file. Try for more information about neurotransmitters. I enjoyed browsing around the site. It is very impressive in many regards. It is very quick and quite user friendly. On a trivial matter, I believe there is a fault with question 20 on the first sample of multiple choice items. All of my sources indicated serotonin is a monoamine as well as norep., ep., and dopamine. I believe Ach is classified as a quartenary amine. Thanks, david yells. Reply from PK. You are quite right!. Thanks for pointing this out. I have modified the offending page. comments: very good thank you  
  comments: I'm VERY impressed. Thanks for all the work you did to get this quality material up online. My honey is an emergency department physician who says he wants more general psych info under his belt. I'm going to send him here for some great info!
Loading speed: Extremely fast
Organization: Very orderly
Detail and clarity of info: Excellent
I hope that you've won great awards with this site! I was initially searching for info on the Johari Window and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Can you direct me to this info? Thanks very much. Jenn Reply from PK. Thanks for your comments. Try World Lecture Hall: Psychology. comments: i was very pleased by the speed and detail of information enclosed on this page i found it very helpful for my a level project many thanks A. Johal comments: I thought that the web page was extremely clear and very well laid out. I am sure it wil be of great benefit when it comes to revision time comments: brilliant - its helping me pass anat 323 otago uni new zealand. hope you don't mind! Reply from PK. Glad I could help. comments: I like it! A little slow to load, but that may be the internet bogged down more than content comments: How does the egg retrieval test work, as the bottom of the screen is black? Reply from PK. Sorry you experienced problems loading this page. The best way to reexamine the retrieval experiment is to reload the page. Then let me know if you still experience problems. comments: Lecture on anxiety and drugs contains multiple spelling errors some could be misunderstood. Reply from PK. Sorry if you were confused by a few spelling mistakes on this page which have now been corrected. comments: I felt that this page was very well put together. I have book marked this page thank you You are welcome to farword any information you wish to comments: excellent ! comments:I would like to receive information about the etology. Reply from PK. Take a look at Animal Behaviour: PSY110 Lecture Support Material comments: I think this is just wonderful. Would like to communicate with author. I am american living in Europe. I am looking for credentials in counseling field. The curriculum looks like the best I have seen anywhere. Kathy Herrick Reply from PK. The author's email address is comments: thank you Thanks very much for preparing this course. It will help much. We will directing students to this site. John A. Rosecrans, Ph.D. Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology and Rehabilitation Counseling comments: As I work in an acute admissions unit where we deal with a lot of schizophrenics. I found your pages imformative and very interesting. Keep up the good work! comments: Can you explain to me how our biological predispositions interact with our culture and environment in influencing our behaviour? Reply from PK. It is impossible to give you a straightforward answer to your question. Here is the URL for a web site that has information on Human Ethology & Evolutionary Psychology Hope this helps. comments: I am glad you are here:) I thought I was crazy to be interested in these things all my life comments: I am completing an assessment on 'learning how to learn' with emphasis on searching for understanding/meaning and relating current research/experiences to previous learning so your resource is invaluable - many thanks. comments: what is the address of your university ? Reply from PK. Department of Psychology, University of Plymouth, Drake Circus, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 8AA, UK comments: it has been extremely evocative and i wish you diplay more information on animal communication.thank you comments: I like this resource. The best thing is that I can use it from home. This means that my library time is less for this topic and can be allocated elsewhere. I also think using it in the lectures is a good idea. I find it familiarises the layout and the funtions so that when I come to look at the site I save time by doing exactely what I want to do without having to work out how to do it first. I personally think this is a very useful resource, easy to use and read and usually quick to load on. It appears not to be available sometimes, but I can just come back another time. I am not sure how people who do not have access to the internet at home get on with using it - they may find it difficult to get the info or expensive if they have to photocopy it all. comments: French translation is a disaster... Reply from PK. Sorry about that. It is a machine translation. I had thought about removing it, but some people may find it useful for deciding whether or not to read the english version. comments: Fabulous!! Would you mind if I included the URL for your site in my future lectures? I especially liked your novel treatment of the directional terms and animated Loewi's experiment. On the down side, the animated synapse was downloading at 2.4K/s and would have taken ages (or what seems like ages to get through). Reply from PK. Delighted you found this resource useful. Of course you can include the URL in your teaching materials. Sorry about the wait to see the animated synapse gif file. But it is very large. comments: It's got all the ibformation I need to write up my essay - no more searching the web for me! Thank you you've saved me losds of time! comments: This is an excellent resource. Do you have information about the influences of prenatal factors on brain sexualization? Reply from PK. Try comments: hello, in the page above you say that there appear to be an increased amount of D2 receptors in the schizophrenic brain. This is very interesting and I would like to look at it some more - do you have a reference? (ps. page is Reply from PK. Try Carlson. I will look up the original ref. & post it here. comments: I think the content and links are excellent, but I did find all the colours and images very distracting on first looking at the Salmon First Page. After I spent some time looking at the pages, I have become more used to the style. comments: Most of Year 2 content at seems to link to Year1 material. I have manually searched through and think that I've found most of the Year 2 material, but for the average browser it wouldn't be clear. Reply from PK. Our courses are undergoing extensive reorganisation. Material may be moved between years of our 3 year degree programme. is the Home Page for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year courses. Sorry for any confusion. comments: i found this learning resource interesting and infofmative it helped me with my biology a-level assignment as i am doing the basis of behaviour module comments: I thought it was extremely useful. The layout is clear and concise, in fact would like more info. Loading speed was quick. Well done and thank you. Denise Varley, Lanzarote. comments: This information was superb and realy informative. I am a student at college who has got to complete an essay on "what is stress". The information you have given has been very helpful in diagnosing this for me. comments: It would help if it's in english all the way through! Reply from PK. All of the site is in english. Try the Home Page at 5comments: This is wonderful! Thank you so much for making this available to the public. Your diagrams are clear. Your copy is very very understandable. Ann Schreiber Technical Writer, Philadelphia comments: This is so cool I am speachless (I can say no more) comments: Brilliant website. However, i would be interested to know if you have ever worked with or cared for people with mental disorders. Too much emphasis is placed on biological research, when often professionals fail to recognise the syptoms of someone suffering from depression, anxiety etc. Reply from PK. You are quite right, the focus of this site is on basic biological research. It is not the place to seek guidance on recognising symptoms of psychiatric disorders. The site's Home Page carries this message:" Warning ! The information provided on this web site is to be used for educational purposes only. It should NOT be used as a substitute for seeking professional care for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical/psychiatric disorder. The diagnosis and treatment of depression and other psychiatric disorders requires trained medical professionals. " comments: Excellent,very useful
March 04, 2000 Excellent. I've stumbled on lecturs of yours before and was impressed then too. I've added a link to your page for my 3rd year students. Cheers, Kate Jeffery Dept. of Psychology University College London
March 06, 2000 This site is amazing. It loaded quickly and is organised clearly so can identify what you want.
March 06, 2000 Why are these lecture handouts to be found under the 3rd year section on the previous page, yet they are titled 2nd year? And which year are they for? Reply from PK. The syllabus has been changed recently. The contents of current modules are set out on
March 06, 2000 How can we make the diagrams (and some of the text) fit on to our print outs? Reply from PK. Unfortunately some large diagrams will not print out onto paper. The web pages are best viewed on a computer.
March 06, 2000 I think it's absolutely disgusting that we are expected to fork out for compulsory handouts that would be given out in any other lecture!!!!!!!!! Reply from PK. This web-based learning-support resource is provided for free. Only one handout is distributed at the start of each module. It is available in the Information Room if you missed the lecture.
March 07, 2000 Very thorough over view of ethologists and the study of animal behaviour, a helpful intoduction to this topic
March 08, 2000 Great!
March 09, 2000 Very good. Wouldn´t you like to talk about INAH-2 and INAH-3 of Hofman, Swaab and Le Vay? What abot Xq28? Could it be possible that most of human homosexual are visual homosexual but not nasal ones. The first because of Xq28 determination (the most important in humans) and the second for Y androgenic (phereromonic too)concentration? If you want to talk abot it, please answer me
March 09, 2000 This was an interesting learning resource. I have not been that familiar with using the internet before so this proved to be a valuable experience for me. It loaded quickly and instructions and links were clear.
March 11, 2000 This is utterly mind-boggling, overwhelming, and enthralling. Herman P. Sandford, Ph.D.
March 14, 2000 This is an excellent resource. It was organized clearly and provided the right amount of detail.
March 15, 2000 I have been trying to access the connections on the supplementary material (articles in blue text) and having difficulty. I have tried many times on the university computers and each time the response is not found. Do you think that you could check this out to see if you have the same problem. Reply from PK. Sometimes information on other web sites cannot be found because the site is down, or has been moved. One solution is to use a Search Engine (e.g. ) to look for alternative sources for the information you require
March 16, 2000 I'm sorry that you seem to have so profoundly misunderstood my gripe at having to print out lecture material. I was not referring, as you thought, to the syllabus that you handed out in the first lecture. I was in fact referring to the lecture support material (suprise, suprise) for ALL your 337 lectures (the syllabus is pointless without them - I'm sure you'll agree). I have registered your comments concerning the technicians' refusal to allow free printing of this vital material, but I cannot help but feel that you should have considered this before the module began. Furthermore, I realise that there are copies of the lecture support material in the information room and if I were 'computerphobic' as you hinted in the lecture my complaint would still stand as it is equally expensive to photocopy the material. I hope you don't feel that my point is irrelevant now that you have delivered the last 337 lecture this year, and that you will bear it in mind for next years' third years. It is not only our money you have wasted, but also our time. Reply from PK. Most web-based lecture-support material is best viewed on a computer. The university has invested a considerable amount of money to provide computers to support teaching and learning. Using the web to deliver learning resources enables me to deliver more information to students than is possible using conventional paper-based handouts. In addition, colour and animation can be used to facilitate explanation on web pages. Paper copies of web pages will be placed in the Information Room to cater for those students who - for whatever reason - prefer hardcopy.
March 16, 2000 very well thought out and clearly presented. Extremely useful.
March 19, 2000 Are those the Spice Girls?? Do they belong here? What is this learning aimed towards--Boys??
March 20, 2000 Excellent speed and clarity
March 21, 2000 Great philosophy apart from missing out the bit about the danger of people putting their head on one side and the information slipping out there ear
March 23, 2000 too much waffle to understand clearly. A lot of work to print off and not all info prints off. Takes ages to load up on Netscape and ages to down load from it.
March 24, 2000 Very interesting - just what I was looking for.
March 24, 2000 I really enjoyed it...and it made this very understandable. Well done, Gaea Atkinson
March 27, 2000 Very enlightening.It certainly is more common than people think and there needs to be more awareness associated with the subject!In my experience, families all too easily believe you just need to get your act together.Vikki.
March 27, 2000 great!
March 29, 2000 Very recent zoological neuro biological findings might be applied to human sexual inclination.
March 29, 2000 informative.
March 29, 2000 boring
March 31, 2000 excellent there should be more detailed studies on human behaviour.
April 01, 2000 Excellent images
April 01, 2000 Excellent!!!!
April 01, 2000 I think this is very cool. Loading speed is fine and organization is good. Detail and clarity of information is very informative. Please keep it free to access for the public. I really like the pictures and animations. You are a true webmaster. I will be back.
April 02, 2000 The animation is a good use of this medium to drive home concepts. Ignorant of the concepts, I studied the material carefully to gain an understanding. I found the material clear and its presentation effective. Loading speed is a problem over a clogged internet and a 56K connection -- so much of a problem that working on-line is not effective. The material needs to be downloaded first in a passive manner then used interactively. Reply from PK. I am currently investigating 'video-streaming' to overcome this problem
April 03, 2000 loading speed,detail etc excellent
April 03, 2000 Your tutorials are excellent. Now in my final year, I have used been dipping in to your pages for the past three years. Thank you very much Reply from PK. Greetings to all at QUB. It seems a very long time since I studied psychology there ...
April 04, 2000 the background picture makes it hard to read
April 09, 2000 I am a final year student from the university of ulster. Last semester I took a module in psychopharmacology, it was very interesting and covered most of the material on these web pages. I have found these pages very useful-I wish I had known about them before now as they would have helped me a great deal with my last module. I am having problems with the links on these pages. I really need to access the information on the new antipsychotic drugs (link named - "New developments in antipsychotic drug treatment") for a project that I am doing at present, but the computer cannot find the pages linked. I know nothing about computers so I don't know what is wrong. However, I must thank you for these pages as they have been of great use to me.LYNN STRAND UNIVERSITY OF ULSTER Reply from PK. Sometimes information on other web sites cannot be found because the site is down, or has been moved. One solution is to use a Search Engine (e.g. ) to look for alternative sources for the information you require
April 15, 2000 I found your site while searching for information on "female" libido. It would appear that most of the research is still favoring male. I would truly like to know why just about "all" research favors studying and treating male sexual dysfunction. Surely there is more to a mans sexual drive than lack of erection. The fact that you mention lordosis first says it all.....
April 18, 2000 it is very concise and worth the time to study and lacks pondering because of it's clarity
April 22, 2000 The page is way too long -- each lecture should be on a separate page.
April 27, 2000 I am very interested in maternal behaviour and mother-pups interaction. Your site is great, but I haven't an opportunity to print this pleasant pictures about medial preoptic area and ventral tegmental area and their involvement in parental behaviour. It would be very important for my work to receive this data. If You have a possibility to tell me the journal, where this pictures had appeared, I would be very glad. And I would greatly appreciate receiving a reprints of Your pictures by e-mail.Thank You for Your understanding. Sincerely Yours, Ivleva Julia, Human and Animal Physyology Department, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University, Russia. Reply from PK. You can save images onto your disk by putting the mouse cursor over a picture and clicking the right mouse button. Select the 'Save picture as ...' option. The images are based on a model outlined in Carlson, Physiology of Behaviour, 6th edition, Allyn & Bacon, 1998
April 29, 2000 Excellent resource, very detailed in the right things, nice links with real data and references. Really useful.
April 29, 2000 Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me. I am amazed with this your overview of Parkinson's and your clear depiction through technological innovation.I will share this site with the faculty and students at my university. Thank you, Eula
May 03, 2000 great! thank you! i'm currently writing up a lab, and this site clarified a few simple terms for me.
May 03, 2000 Truly the best source I've seen for a clear explaination of this disease. Good Work.
May 11, 2000 thank you for a clear consise site, great for revising , have exam next week, lecturers think this is a great site too.
May 12, 2000 I thought that this approach to understanding the subject in hand was innovative and effective
May 15, 2000 very useful - I shall recommend it Fred Toates
May 19, 2000 i am not even one of your students; i'm studying undergraduate psychology elsewhere, but i've used your notes extensively, and think they are excellent.
May 20, 2000 I believe that this website, which I came across using a search engine is extremely helpful. I am a 2nd year Psychology student in UWIC, and I am in the middle of revising for a cognitive science exam. I wish that my college had a learning aid such as this one. The loading speed was relatively quick, and the categorisation of the site is extremely well designed. Although perhaps more detail and helpful links could have been added
May 22, 2000 I've got an idea for the site for students only. Becuase of the paper problem i recommend that what you do is for the students who desire create a zip file with all the images on (and of course the htm) and give them the oppotunity to copy the zip file so they can read it at home and print it out. One other major problem are the frame sizes. You should go into the code and put 100% instead of the table width so that it will automatically size up.Thanks Brian Holt Stage 3
Reply from PK You can save pages and the associated images for yourself onto a floppy disk by using the File, Save As... function in a web browser. Then you can zip files files to save space.
Wednesday, May 24, 2000 All of your links happen to be dead when i tried them
May 24, 2000 Excellent introduction to EP, but it lacks to answer the most frequently posed problem by newcomers: the altruism toward nonkin people. For example, the Group Socialization Theory (J.R. Harris, 1995) is the most predictive model in this sense. Groupness is the most simple and understandable instinct for students, in my experience. Sport fanatism and (apparently) unselfish cooperation toward higher status members of the same workgroup are oflten well understood examples. Axelrod's Tit4Tat instinct is another motivation to show altruistic behaviour. Reply from PK. Thanks, I will bear your comments in mind when I revise these pages
May 25, 2000 I like the look of the site very much and I can see the value of your strategy but one thing intrigues me. What do you use lecture periods for, now that students are freed from 'the tyranny of the lecture theatre'? This is a genuine question. I am engaged in web-based delivery myself having entered the UCISA awards in the same year as your site. In reflecting on the practice of using web-based delivery in a pedagogically informed way is I think very important. Best wishes
May 26, 2000 Very good resource, however very few of the links mentioned in the 'supplimentary material' are actually accessable when you click on them.
May 28, 2000 Absolutely wonderful! Very organized although a slight problem in regards to the green and brown interactive axes.
June 01, 2000 Absolutely FANASTIC!!
June 01, 2000 Wonderful!
June 03, 2000 I think, this animation is good to make a better understanding about neurotransmition. Especially for the student, who learning about neurotransmitter. Is there any other subject which was you made with animation?
June 06, 2000 excellent pages and very useful
June 07, 2000 What do I think of this learning resource? Just one word: Astounding! Dr. Carmine Pascuzzo Lima
June 08, 2000 I'm a third year student and I have a number of major complaints, which I shall be taking to the department.
  1. Not everyone has access to the web, especially not adequate to actuall study this course
  2. You left it to us to print them off - which you are forced to do - which costs £1+ per lecture, there is nowhere to do them free
  3. the layout is incredibly uneconomical and extremely hard to follow
  4. Some of the handout is lost when printing as you haven't even done it on an A4 format, so bits go missing down the side
  5. The website is incredibly unreliable, half the time you can't even access it

I'm am severly unhappy and annoyed with the course and the hand out, It seems incredibly thoughtless.
Reply from PK

  1. The department and the university has invested a considerable amount of money into open-access computer labs
  2. As you know, I have asked the department several times to provide free printing facilities to support this course
  3. The pages were designed for online rather than offline viewing
  4. as above
  5. Access to servers within the university was a problem for a few days this semester. The problem is recognised and steps were taken to rectify it and restore a reliable service

A great deal of thought and effort goes into the preparation of material to support the modules I teach.

June 13, 2000 This website was very informative but perhaps a little vague, I personally would be very grateful if there was a specific section on: How can the evolution of non-human-animal behaviour help us to understand human-animal behaviour. thank-you for taking this into consideration, or if you don't I hope you understand that alot of a'level psychology students will be very distressed and disappointed!!!! Reply from PK You may be interested in my pages which discuss Evolutionary Psychology
June 26, 2000 This has been a great experience. It was very easy to read, and I am going back now to look at some of the topics in more detail.
June 26, 2000 Remote Address: I have a 5.5 yr old 47,xxy son. I have spent 6 years researching his anomaly, and your site has answered many questions I had no answers for. I have been told repeatedly that 47,xxy's manufacture natural testosterone in utero and get the normal testosterone surges in infancy and early childhood. I've wondered if this is true, and your theory made me look at the possiblity that xxy's should have hrt within a few days after birth. Thank you so much for an enlightening and easy to navigate educational experience. If you have any other information you could share with me, I would appreciate it.
July 10, 2000 I am a Psychiatric Nurse currently studying to be a Psychosocial Nurse Practitioner. I am always on the internet looking for info for school. I love the animation on your web site, it really caught my eye. Due to time constraints, I am unable to read the text, but would If I could.
July 13, 2000 Very cool. Loaded fine, like the large graphics, good details, nice additional info. I am looking for an image of reorganization in the rat cortical ballel fields when a row of vibrissa is electolyzed. Do you know where I could find such an image? Jane Pickett, Ph.D. Coordinator, Autism Tissue Program, Brain research projects, Thank you. Reply from PK You may find this useful: RF Thompson, The Brain 3rd Edition, Worth, 2000, page 341
July 16, 2000 the FAQs were not "loadable" -the German passages are a good introduction, but very badly translated, thus very funny to read - would you like me to translate them for you? I am a native speaker of German Reply from PK Thanks for the offer. The pages were submitted to an online translation service. The pages change so frequently that I think I will just abandon foreign language versions. End of reply from PK -the rest is fine and interesting -the arrangement is pleasant and pedagogically well made -what about people who always feel a bit sad and bored? Is there something against disillusion, disgust, disappointment and desire of revenge for disagreeable experiences? And against the incapacity to get what one wants, each time you know at last w h a t you want? And how to free oneself from this "if only I had done this and not that"? I don't think there are pills against/for those things...
July 20, 2000 What a fun. Loads of visual interest. Why can't all lectures take this form? The halls would be full of eager students. Congratulations and well done. Sarah from Griffith University Mt Gravatt Campus Brisbane Australia
July 20, 2000 I'm interested in knowing what the units of measurment are for each hormone on your graph. Are they in ng/ml, ug/ml or mIU/ml?
July 22, 2000 This article, unlike others I have read goes in depth with the subject of human facial symmetry. Please notify me of any other findings of human facial symmetry. My e-mail address is
July 25, 2000 I have really enjoyed using this web page and have got invaluable info of it. Excellent work keep it up THANKU SOOOO MUCH!
July 30, 2000 To make this site more accessible it would be a great help if it were possible to conduct a site search, for say, a keyword or topic. I know this may be difficult but I am sure that there are resources within this site that would be useful to many people but they have difficulty finding them, I myself being one of them. I am an A-Level student and although this site is meant for university students I am certain that some of the material contained within it would be suitable for us too. Yours Sincerely, Francesca Doran
August 05, 2000 Hey's amazing. I'm outta breath. I've been browsing the web to get some web resources on Psychology and bumped into this sight. It's simply breathtaking. You are a giant of a man. Bravo....I solute your efforts.
August 15, 2000 Excellnet source. Just, the page is quite long. It is better to be divided it to more than three or four pages (using frames for example). The yellow colour, as a background, does not make me feel comfortable.
August 15, 2000 I am very pleased with this information and being a sufferer I find it helpfull
August 16, 2000 The two graphics near the bottom were too 'wide', you have to scroll to the right to see the whole graphic. (This is using Internet Explorer 5.1 as my browser.) Suggest scaling the pictures down, or adding links that viewers can click on to see the graphic. Otherwise, loading time was fine, info is good.
August 16, 2000 Dear sir I wonder if you can help me with a problem i have experienced now for some 25 years, in 1975 i was given "TRANXENE" after a death in the family, i took the capsule and felt ok then the next day i felt bad again, so i took tranxene, this went on for years, i would feel jittery and my legs would feel like they were jelly, so i would take tranxene, i would feel better in about 15 mins, this as i said went on for 17 years, i decided to stop taking them, well thats when my trouble really began, over a period of approx 6 months i would undo the capsule and remove a bit at a time untill i was taking 25% of the capsule, how this made me really ill, i endured horrible withdrawal symptoms which went on for months, i stopped taking tranxene in 1990 ten years ago and still i do not fell well and feel sure that these drugs have done some damage, i have a constant headache with a tight band around my head( which has been there since 1976 and never ever goes away), a loud riging in my head and ears, i feel like burning in various parts of my legs and arms, i have also got a contant pain in my neck which goes up into my head and makes me feel really ill some days, most of the time i am just not right and feel like i am stuck in a trap and cannot escape, doctors just cannot find out whats wrong with me, i have endured head and neck mri scans, i have tried many different doctors, nuerosurgeons etc, with no results to find out the problem, this now is getting worse as i get older, i was 25 years old when i started taking "TRANXENE" now i am nearly 50 and feel bad that a drug like this has made me lose the good times which i should of hade, but i never ever felt better after i took tranxene, oh i wish i could feel better, but i am stuck with this i feel now for the rest of my life, i am now disabled and have to keep explaining to my doctor how i feel but he calls me the mistery man, tranxene i feel has done this to me and wanted to know does it matter how long you were on these drugs, secondly why do you think i am still suffering, i was nver like this before i took tranxene and feel that they have damaged my brain or some thing, can you tell me if i will get free of these withdrawal symptoms which i have to endure every day of my life, a tranquilizer help group told me it may take the same amout of time to get over the symptoms than you was on the drug, 17 years i was addicted to them, them i mean tranxene, i was also put on ativan, valium, librium, in between, the dosage i was on was to start with 15mg a night, then as time went by i was taking 15mg twice a day, finally i was taking 6x7.5mg a day, also i was tranfered onto ativan 2.5mg yellow tablets, i was at one pont taking 6 a day, so you see i dont feel right, and am very suprised that i do still feel bad, the neck and head problem are the major distressing factors that make me sad and depressed every day of my life.can you tell me if you think i might be still be affected by the length of time i was on them and do you think i will ever be better again, oh how i long for that day, but will it come, somehow i dont think so. i do hope you can help me with anything at all which might help me, many thanks for taking the time to read this letter, i hope you will reply, thank you End of reply from PK I am very sorry to hear about the symptoms you are experiencing. Unfortunately I am not qualified as a medical doctor and therefore I am not able to comment on the causes of your distressing condition. I hope you are able to obtain help from a medical doctor. Best wishes.
August 17, 2000 The information is very clear and brought in a simple form. Although I am not a medical student, but someone with schifzofrenia. It gave some useful information.
August 17, 2000 I found your treatment of this material very good. I did, however, notice an apparent error. In your model of the dopaminergic nerve terminal, you depict imipramine as an inhibitor of dopamine reuptake. The tricyclics are very weak inhibitors of the dopamine transporter. Cocaine would be a better example.
August 21, 2000 This is a very good article provides me with an understanding of this.
August 24, 2000 This is an excellent web page! I would only ask that, in addition, I might be albe to print, say, the first page or two without having to print the entire document. End of reply from PK The File... Print.. menu in Internet Explorer allows you to specify the pages you want printed
August 30, 2000 thank you sooo much. this is exactly what i need to reinerate the info learned in class.
September 08, 2000 The website is very handy. I want to do some psychology courses, but I want to do them from home. I have a PC and would like to study courses that could go towards a BSc Hons qualification. Any ideas? End of reply from PK I am sorry but we do not offer this course online. Try the American Psychology association FAQ on distance education at
September 09, 2000 I think your site is fantastic! I do have a question I was hoping you could answer. What is the effect of cortisol therapy ie. in the case ACTH resistance syndrome, on muscle strength?? Kind regards, Kannin Osei-Tutu Dalhousie Medical School Class of 2003. Reply from PK Sorry, this is not my area of expertise!
September 13, 2000 I am a full time faculty member in philosophy at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA (south of Long Beach). Currently, I am developing my own online course for teaching Introduction to Philosophy. Your website is really excellent. It takes advantage of the diverse ways in which material can be presented on the computer, including multimedia and hypertext links. The sections are not too long to readn and are beautifully organized and structured. I like the different colored backgrounds to indicate different content environments and will try something like this one my own site. You are to be congratulated and thanks for all of your good work. Dr. David C. Ring
September 13, 2000 I think that the document is extremely well-presented, and comprehensive. I am currently researching paranoya schizophrenia and I found this very interesting
September 14, 2000 Yr3DrugAddiction. Excellent-topic well covered
September 18, 2000 i am a student at the university of psychology from romania and i think that is the best site about biological grounds of behaviour and i would like more infos
September 20, 2000 I cannot believe that professors are still using "sexy" females to illustrate concepts. Thought that was stopped long ago. Reply from PK Sorry if you were offended by a picture on this site
September 20, 2000 Really interesting/ How do I access the site "The Biological Bases of Behaviour" Site at the University of Plymouth?Myrna Wooders Department of Economics University of Warwick Reply from PK The name of the site has changed to SALMON (Study And Learning Materials ON-line. It can be reached at
September 26, 2000 well done i think your great!!
September 28, 2000 Fantastic!
October 01, 2000 I am writing a paper on the Learned Helplessness theory. I found your site rather useful and will be able to pull out quite a bit of information to apply to my paper. I especially like how your site is not jumbled together and makes it extremely readable and understandable to students. Thanks!
October 04, 2000 i think it's a really good & very informative site. i especially liked the "thoughts to ponder" - they really made me think.
October 05, 2000 very impressive loading time good org, more specific in run down
October 01, 2000 I am writing a paper on the Learned Helplessness theory. I found your site rather useful and will be able to pull out quite a bit of information to apply to my paper. I especially like how your site is not jumbled together and makes it extremely readable and understandable to students. Thanks!
October 08, 2000 This was a facinating page! Excellent!
October 13, 2000 This site is great. The pic of the synapse really helped.
October 14, 2000 What kind of VRML player do I need? Reply from PK I use Cosmo player available from
October 15, 2000 I am an Australian psychology student, due to commence a graduate diploma next year at Monash University. I think your site is terrific and I intend to use it frequently.
October 24, 2000 absolutely brilliant!
October 28, 2000 I thought this learning resource very helpful the loading speed quick and detail and clarity very good.
October 30, 2000 its a bit thin,but good images
October 31, 2000 it's great, never could be better
November 02, 2000 You should put the book list(recommended reading)for each module on the website as well. Reply from PK Follow the link to Course texts and study skills on the SALMON home page at
November 05, 2000 I think the resource is great! I am a psychology student in Washington State and I found the information very helpful, very well organized, and informational. Great job! Thanks for sharing this site. Regards, Shannon M.
November 06, 2000 It was fabulous.
November 10, 2000 As I am studying Animal Behaviour as part of my second year in college, I was looking for information on Konrad Lorenz and Skinner etc so this information has come in handy next time I am in a behavioural class.
November 13, 2000 I am on a mac with netscape 4.5. I do not see any controls. I am most interested in seeing the animations you have. Thanks for a nice site. sss Reply from PK Sorry that you experienced a problem. It's a time and resource issue. The pages on this site are designed for viewing on a PC running Internet Explorer V5. I regret that I do not have enough time to code for other browsers. Also, I don't have access to a Mac computer.
November 16, 2000 very precise and punchy
November 16, 2000 Very informative - the best one we found!
November 18, 2000 Very nicely made and presented, highly impressed - the way U have attached pictures alongwith information of the sides. Really very amazing and informative.
November 21, 2000 Thank you very much, i found this very helpful.
November 22, 2000 i think you did a great job on this website but you can always use more pictures because the more people see things the more they understnad it
November 25, 2000 excellent learning tool!
November 27, 2000 hey! i really enjoy this site but i think u should make a dictionary of terms. That might help a lot! Thanks=P hey! i really enjoy this site but i think u should make a dictionary of terms. That might help a lot! Thanks=P
November 27, 2000 Your site is very scary, good rat pictures though.
November 27, 2000November 27, 2000 borring borring
November 29, 2000 excellent website...thank you for reserpine info, is great
November 29, 2000 this site helped me complete a biology assignment EXCELLENT!!! KH, ENGLAND
November 29, 2000 AWESOME SITE!!!
November 29, 2000 Dr Kenyon, I'm a third year psychology undergraduate currently researching for my dissertation. I have stumbled across your website and found the page on 'coping with stress' very interesting. My research is on how personality traits relate to a persons willingness to seek help in times of stress! I was wondering, if you had a spare moment, whether you would be able to let me know if you had or knew of any information which would be useful to me. I am not one of your students, but you will appreciate the time that we are all going through at the moment. It would be greatly appreciated if you would help me. I am searching for previous research in this area, recognised and validated ways to measure stress and help seeking behaviour etc. I realise that I am asking a lot from you (or any of your colleagues). Thank you for any time and help that you could give me. Julie Kirk University of Greenwich e-mail :
December 04, 2000 not that good
December 05, 2000 Do you have any info on Diener and Dweck's study into learned helplessness???? The results are the thing I am most interested. If yes, please e-mail me at Thank you
December 07, 2000 I didn't see it, it took a bit too long to load it, I had to move on. I am searching for information on how Paxil affets the brain and neurotransmitters. I like your web page though. I'll try back later. Thanks I didn't see it, it took a bit too long to load it, I had to move on. I am searching for information on how Paxil affets the brain and neurotransmitters. I like your web page though. I'll try back later. Thanks
December 12, 2000 great detail...helped a lot, good organization of info
December 13, 2000 I would like to see the movie but it does not appear. Are there browswer/platform requirements? (I am Mac/Netscape and Quicktime/Flash capable...) Otherwise, beautiful site!
December 17, 2000 Eppic site link not working
December 19, 2000 my name is cindy and i found your web site purley from interest. I have loved psychology all my life and i have a great interset in it. Both my boy friend and i are in psychology classes. I would like if you could give me any tips and info that youu could for beggining students. It would help me out alot. Thank you for your time
December 27, 2000 I am just learning about chemical dependency and this was helpful.
January 02, 2001 Hi, I teach Conflict Mngmt at Durham College in Oshawa, o/side of Toronto,Ontario -Canada. I was just a browsing and found this site. I find it "highly engaging"! I wanted to read it and learn and I did! Thank you so much. I will visit again!
January 04, 2001 Perhaps URL address has changed for 'Brain: Anxiety about brain chemistry'; cannot access it from this site. I appreciate the links like these, they broaden the knowledge gained here. They're an asset to the learning resource.
January 05, 2001 Could you please tell me if any experimentation has followed female rodents after parturation having not eaten the placenta and the cell membranes which are left behind. Although this rarely occurs and may be unethical on the part of the animal, much nutrition and hormonal behaviour could be part of this process.
January 06, 2001 Hi Paul Intresting quite clear gave me food for thought might use it ... drugs worker HMP ,UK
January 06, 2001 Your lecture-demonstrations are very helpful. Can you tell me how to specfically download the object handler "x-world/x-vrml" from the ActiveX Gallery for your neuron demonstration? I followed the link you offered to Microsoft several times and become lost with all the options. I am not sure where, what, and how to download and install the item. Thank you.
January 08, 2001 I found this a very informative and useful link. It has given me a good insight into the physiological mechanisms of antipsychotics and scizophrenia.
January 11, 2001 Excellent learning material, but one question could maternal behaviour be maintained by any hormones released through lactation??? Just a thought.
January 11, 2001   Awesome, my uni one is not good at all and so this is a good resource to cram as I have my exam in 4 days - thanks!
January 11, 2001 I am new to your site but in less than 15 minutes of browsing I would like to congratulate you on the excellent material you have made available. I sure would like to see a bit more about Evolutionary Psychology. Regards, Fernando Figueroa, Psychologist
January 16, 2001 This is a beautiful website to which I shall certainly refer students. Thank you! All the best, Melissa S. Gerald, Ph.D. NIH Animal Center Laboratory of Clinical Studies, DICBR, NIAAA
January 17, 2001 I have really found it of great help. I am a student researching for a paper/ presentation. This site has helped me come up with researched ideas, and even helps me set up an outline
January 19, 2001 Was a little confused as it said to use the control to view but I thought I already had. The animation itself is cool but a simple key below would be good + is it possible to shift the text so it's not all on the right. Very useful though - wish my lecturer did notes like this!!!
January 22, 2001 I'm just a person interested in the functioning of the brain. Mainly the synapse and neurotransmitters. I found this site better than excellent. Thank you for providing this information online. It is very detailed and I appreciate the opportunity to view it.
January 23, 2001 I have to do a project on this website. May I ask what the purpose of this website is. Reply from PK SALMON is designed to supplement lecture courses for undergraduates taking courses in physiological psychology / psychobiology at the University of Plymouth. I have removed the offensive remarks submitted from the IP address
January 23, 2001 very good. I liked it allot.
January 24, 2001 This is an amazing page. Your positive use of tha www is an inspiration. The hope of finding places like this is what makes tha internet so great. I hope encouragement of this sort serves as fuel for your self-justification as to the effort involved for realising your current/future projects. Reply from PK Thanks for your encouraging comments.
January 25, 2001 i had no idea how deep this site went. I just came on to do my homework and look what happened. -mc cool m-w oceanography
January 29, 2001 Very well presented and informative Charlie BSc Zoology
January 30, 2001 I am a Ph.D. student at SUNY Buffalo. I am very interested in children with disruptive disorders. This page is wonderful!!!! I appreciate your time investment! I also appreciate the audio. Well done!!!!
January 30, 2001 excellent in all areas!
January 31, 2001 Very interesting but did not really answer my question and all other text books suggest it (anxiety) is linked to GABA and not seretonin? Reply from PK Take a look at the second level page on anxiety which discusses role of GABA
February 01, 2001 sound isn't very good.
February 01, 2001 thanks! It's a great site and I wish my university had something like it.
February 04, 2001 Fabulous learning resource, I only wish it was available when I was an undergrad!
February 04, 2001 Excellent! I could easily get at the information the I was interested in. Wish it had been as clear when I was in school.
February 06, 2001 as a minor in psychology will i be doing 221 and 337 cheers deborahane
February 06, 2001 Excellent presentation of information. Fast download
February 07, 2001 great, esp. the electron mircrographs of the synapse area...and great links. But lose the photos of the bimbos in the "Directional Terms" section...
February 07, 2001 more please, very comprehensive and clear...thanks
February 08, 2001 I am a graduate student at siena heights university in adrian michigan. I am doing a presentation on learned helplessness. This information is excellent. My point will be clear.
February 10, 2001 Loading speed of movies far too long. Recommend recompression as MPEG-4. Could reduce quality and frame rate since clear and smooth video does not contribute to understanding.
February 11, 2001 Very useful to have this page.It is well structured and clear. Has essential tips for students.
February 12, 2001 Clear,easy to read and navigate, very helpful site!!
February 12, 2001 This is a wonderful source of information!!! But the picture at the beginning of the soldier with the gun with the bag over the person's head is a bit "graphic" for me.
February 14, 2001 This is an excellent resource for senior level biology and I will be refering to this site in my class. Thanks Dan O'Gorman
February 16, 2001 I have tried to access the Archives of General Psychiatry on-line, but I need to register to read them and as I don't have a practitioners number or a medical education number, it won't let me do it. Any advice? Reply from PK There is a problem accessing electronic journals from the Plymouth campus. The subject librarian is trying to resolve this issue.
February 16, 2001 Dear Paul, An excellent WEB-site and I am linking to it from my own. The latter might interest you: since it concerns my book on introductory biological psychology. Best wishes, Fred (Toates)
February 19, 2001 brilliant
February 20, 2001 really good web site, very helpfull if a bit slow. thank you!
February 20, 2001 you do realize that Frank was not Skinner's first name and no one called him Frank it was Fred the link for other peoples comments is also incorrect and does not work Reply from PK Sorry, I have now corrected these problems
February 22, 2001 thank you for all the knowledge you share for us... it has been very educational to know the effects and the explanations you have enriches us more about drugs and why people still love taking it despite the effects that it causes.
February 22, 2001 It would be nice to have a search window to locate the topic. The site is quite nice and has lots of new information. Thank you.
February 23, 2001 I found this page to be a great supplement/refresher about tolerance. The article was laid out well and was very easy to understand.
February 24, 2001 very good, greatly helped me with my project-thanks
February 25, 2001 Very nice! Slow loading but otherwise first rate. Thank you.
February 26, 2001 With all due respect, as usual the moving animals are distracting; there is a moving face over the details of an x axis on a diagram; the wording and diagrams frequently excede paper width which makes printing an anoying experience; colours are not distinguishable when printed. Reply from PK You can turn off animations by hitting the Stop button in your browser. The web pages are designed to be viewed in a web browser and therefore may not print very well. Colours tend to print poorly on a black and white printer.
February 27, 2001 This was great to find! I was reading related material for a class and this helped to explain something the book went over to quickly. So, thanks!
February 27, 2001 Dr Kenyon. I am a Second Year student at Sheffield Hallam University. My lecturer, Sue McHale recommended your site. It is very helpful. It is a nice, clearly illustrated sire that explains the points clearly. I have a presentation tomorrow which has been greatly aided by the site (dont worry I have done research on the yopic previously !) Reply from PK Give my best wishes to Sue
March 01, 2001 I am using this medication currently with a doctor, a nurse and a psychologist. I would love to learn more about this medication simply because I am taking it. I have been diagnosed with Bi-polar/w psychotic features as of Jan 2001. In the beginning of my use of rispirdal I was frightened, however with continued support I am willing to continue taking it. I have gone through enough heartache,pain,confusion and loneliness that only I could begin to explain. My compliments to your study. So far on me it has been a confusing roller-coaster type effect in which I understand the effects of this medication. I do get side effects however I believe in this med. and agree with my back up support group of nurses,doctors, and my psychologist. It could quite possibly be saving what is left in my brain. Thank You Dr Paul Kenyon from a patient to a doctor whom I have never met.
March 02, 2001 comments: v.clear, easy to learn... perhaps you can persuade the other lecturers to follow suit and use this type of web page for all of their lectures
March 03, 2001 Excellent!. It has always helpedd me in preparing my teaching stuff and informed me personally in the psysiological psychology area!!!
March 04, 2001 An excellent teaching aid I teach Biology in UK, and this has helped me loads
March 06, 2001 i am from a different university. Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College. As a student representative i have suggested many a time that the lectureres consider doing something like this for us. I will definately be using this as an example. It gives a well structured layout and an easy to follow guide. Highly commended. I would appreciate if you would give me some information on how this was set up aand any other thing similar to this which is done. My e-mail address is
March 06, 2001 this learning site has excellent graphics and is quite informative. The loading was excruciatingly slow.
March 08, 2001 suppressed I am a 3rd year psychology student at the University of --------------- and was this morning discussingthe relationship between the psychological construct of hunger and the physiological notion of homeostatis. this web site is EXCELLENT and doesn't half put our lecture notes to shame!!
March 09, 2001 The idea is very good but you could work out your picture quality.
March 10, 2001 I think that this page is excellent. being a student in high school it is a requirement that we research our work. with pages like this, with the extensive info i't just great..keep it up thanks
March 13, 2001 Great access. I am interested in tolerance and cross-tolerance of the following drug group (ketamine, ethanol, diazepam, neurontin and D-cycloserine)combinations. If you have info, it would be appreaciated. I am researching wistar rat working and reference errors in the radial maze.
March 14, 2001 Your descriptions and pictures were helpful to me. I am writing my graduate paper on music and brain research, and will include information from your sight in my paper, properly credited, of course. Thank you,
March 15, 2001 I think that it is GREAT! I would love to listen to Dr. Sapolsky's audio lecture called "Stress and Memory:Forgst it! How might I obtain a copy? My e-mail address is Thanks!
March 15, 2001 I found your site to be very interesting and helpful but I wish there were not so many broken image links.
March 20, 2001 this was so helpful. I am studying for a midterm at the College Of William and Mary , and it really helps to be able to see all this.
March 22, 2001 this is an awesome site the information was very helpful
March 23, 2001 A wonderful learning resource. Congratulation! and keep up the good work. Dr. Cosmas Okoro Tennessee State university, Music City, Nashville, USA
March 24, 2001 It is great.I really enjoyed it and it helped me a lot with my lectures. Thank you Z.Daifoti,Prof.of Pharmacology,Medical School,Univ.of Athens, Greece
March 25, 2001 this is a very good website
March 26, 2001 well done, dr. kenyon. it certainly helps to have your lecture notes from your site printed before class, but the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen makes the printing difficult [i'm sure many people have said something about this before].
March 28, 2001 splendid.
March 31, 2001 Fantastic site. Well designed and easy to nav. I'm a writer in Toronto and need to know the term used for the sexual selection theory based on female preference for risk-taking males. Race-car types, extreme-sports guys etc. If you can help I'd appreciate it.
April 03, 2001 Gosh this was the most useful, educating, self explaning site, I 've found on two days of research. Thank you for your time and the speed was the best.
April 03, 2001 v. good. Now at Plymouth but did psychology at hertfordshire there was nothing as useful as this there.
April 03, 2001 GREAT WEB PAGE, THANKS!
April 04, 2001 I am very impressed with your presentation and would like to use a similar presentation to present subjects on-line to enable distance education for a Bible College in Australia - Any advice would be much appreciated. Regards Roy Nicholson
April 04, 2001 I am a third year undergraduate student, studying biochemistry at QMW, university of London. My third year dissertation is concerned with the hormone ACTH and its affects on stress levels in the body. I have found this website of graet benefit ands read the journal articles that youy have recommended. If there is any other recent research that you have done or any data from experiments, then I would be very greatful to use them in my project. I hope this will not cause any inconvenience. Many thanks Natasha Jabbar
April 05, 2001 good KEEP IT UP THANKS
April 09, 2001 It's quit informative but the loading speed is too slow compare to the others.Anyway,thanks for the useful information.
April 09, 2001 That's quite good! Thanks for sharing this information to me.
April 10, 2001 the information presented was excellent and easily understandable. However, for some reason none of the links work.
April 11, 2001 Very, very good
April 12, 2001 I found the site by chance and I am COMPLETELY amazed! I am doing psychopharmacology at the moment and it was some kind of review for me. It is really great lecture. Congratulations!!!!!!
April 15, 2001 EXCELLENT
April 16, 2001 great way to learn neurotransmitters. sincerely, des
April 17, 2001 I found this site a great help. it is easy to use. full of substantial embirical evidence and uses graphics to illustrate theories well. the vast number of links are also very help full. Gareth Croxon. second year psychology bsc student
April 17, 2001 This is a wonderful site; thank you. Craig Strickland, Ph.D.
April 18, 2001 This was cool. I'm trying to make up a game to do with my class relating to this process.
April 18, 2001 very useful. Quite quick in replying. Thank you.
April 20, 2001 this is a great resource for a seventh grader. thanks! Sean Frazier a 7th grader
April 22, 2001 Greetings, I am a student currently in my fourth year of my pre-med Honours degree at Queen's University in Canada. One of the courses I am taking had a special lecture on Schizophrenia and I found the notes inconcise and confusing. I luckily found your site using a search engine and would just like to thank you for having such an incredible site that is well-organized, concise and very informative! Great job, I have a new found respect for the University of Plymouth, which I have to admit have never heard of before!;) If you want any more feedback, please don't hesitate to email me
April 24, 2001 it was very informative and it help in my research
April 24, 2001 I think it is excellent! I am actually seeking information on biological explanations of crime and came across your sight on the way. The idea of adding audio for the hearing impaired is excellent. Congratulations Sherry Conduit Lecturer Curtin University Perth West Australia
April 25, 2001 This website is simply fabulous!! very detailed and helpful! i'm impressed! :)
April 26, 2001 you should put a photograph of Jean Mayer, since he is the one that came up with that theory.
April 26, 2001 A very interesting, cleraly written and accurate introduction to evolutionary psychology. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I did feel you were (perhaps unconsciously) trying to "sell" Nicky Hayes book! Perhaps she is a friend or potential mating partner? Makes sense from an evolutionary perpective.
April 30, 2001 Could you please, please do something about these notes not fitting on A4. When available in the information room, some parts are almost completely unreadable as the words are scrambled to fit onto the page.
April 30, 2001 It is very nice because it is easy to understand.
May 01, 2001 excellent
May 01, 2001 I have struggled to understand several textbook accounts of the biological theories of schizoprenia, but found this explanation to be clear and very well illustrated. I am very interested to learn if there is a similar web page on the aspects of schizophrenia that the biological theories do not explain, and also its treatment through methods other than drugs. Thank you!
May 01, 2001 this page is awesome and helped me alot on my project.
May 04, 2001 Excellent notes.
May 05, 2001 no syllabus for stages 2 or 3
May 06, 2001 I found it very intresting and beneficial. It helped me understand cpz and other treatments needed for my research. thanks
May 06, 2001   I am a manic depressive trying to get to grips with understanding what goes on in my brain. I found the information fascinating and clear. It would be nice if you could also clarify some of the differences between types of bipolar illness and schizophrenia. Thanks. Excellent website.
May 07, 2001 more additions to the glossary would be nice, as would glossaries being included in the other module support material.
May 08, 2001 Well written and easily understood. Thank you
May 08, 2001 Incredible! No time to chat, just a line to let you know how awesome we found this site... keep it up!
May 11, 2001 I am a student of Ph.D in Entomology. The work you have done ,I think that's a wonderful achievment from your side. I am also really interested to work on these lines.
May 11, 2001 Fantastic wedsite! I am a 2nd year Zoology student at the University of Liverpool who is writing a research essay about how hormones affect sexual behaviour and the information presented on this site has been invaluable to me. Thankyou for your time in creating such a clear and consise site. Many Thanks,
May 11, 2001 The internet needs FAQs and facts on anandimide receptors in the hippocampus
May 12, 2001 fantastic, just what I was looking for
May 12, 2001 This website does not provide me the information I am seeking.
May 13, 2001 it was very helpful and fun to was fast loading also.
May 14, 2001 I am a 2nd year psyc student at Leeds Uni and i found this site through I found this web page very clear, and concise. Very helpful for my essay. Thanks alot.
May 16, 2001 great page...the graphic pictures helped me a lot on understanding the synaptic course...etc. the download time wasn't too bad...better than most sites!
May 16, 2001 I haven't really read the pages yet. I'm looking at and it looks fine in Internet Explorer, but In Netscape Navigator 4.0 which I normall use, the words are all stacked along the left margin of the page. No one could stand to try to read it that way. Better check that out. I glanced quickly at 3 other pages and they look OK in Netscape. Reply from PK I have designed this site to be browsed via Internet Explorer V5 . Due to time pressure I am not able to continue to support Netscape Navigator, sorry
May 17, 2001 Excellent!
May 17, 2001 Imformation was Clear and Well Presented. Well Done. Ken Mason
May 17, 2001 Excellent revision resource, easy to read and comprehend
May 19, 2001 May 19, 2001 Very interesting reading. I found your notes when looking for some interesting thinking on the connection of psychology and charity for a business client of mine who is interested in promoting charity to build their brand (and of course help people, too). Thanks.
May 21, 2001 I am doing a project on the similarities of human and animal behavoiur for my second year theatre degree course. I found the explaination of the rat experiment extreemly valuable in terms of future directions it has sent me in. Thank you very much.
May 25, 2001 good resource Dr. Pino
May 28, 2001 ***.***.***.*** I'm a student in the University of ***************. I would just like to say that I think this web site is great. ****************** do not supply us with any such help. This will be great to help with my revision. Thanks.
May 29, 2001 Excellent - just what I was looking for - pity I couldn't get all the great diagrams to print out. Loaded very quickly. Lovely clear diagrams - brilliant Thank you
May 29, 2001 Excellent but it could have also been more simplified with regard to avoidence responses by making diagramatic explanations
May 29, 2001 Good Coverage of stress related medterials for the beiginers Dr. Vikas Dhikav,(MD)New Delhi-AIIMS-India-110029
May 30, 2001 I'm from Korea. I really enjoyed learning your 'directional terms' and now I'm very clear on them.Thank you so much!!!
June 02, 2001 excellent
June 04, 2001 i liked it, it was very educational.
June 05, 2001 organized logically, informative and interesting.
June 05, 2001 loading speed veeeerrrrryyyyy sssssslllllloooooowwwwww, but my students love the site!
June 08, 2001 best site I've found on the web for eating and saitity. Well done.
June 15, 2001 very good
June 16, 2001 *************** Excellent information, better thatn how our lecturer explained it. Thanks!
June 17, 2001 so pleased to find it and find it, thus far, helpful, sequential, clear
June 17, 2001 loading speed fast, all round easy to navigate
June 19, 2001 Excellent - informative and structured. Not too sure on the textured background as an aide to reading though.
June 22, 2001 Its realy a very good site for the students to learn instantly some thing about the endocrine. Faculty, Dr. Muhammad Azhar Mugal Ziauddin Medical University, Clifton, Karachi.
June 25, 2001 Absolutely fantastic. I am always looking for a site to help me teach my high school honors anatomy/physiology class. Florida State University also has a good neurobio dept.
June 26, 2001 poor clarity. not what i'm looking for
June 27, 2001 *********** Great! Hit your site via search engine while looking for info on reserpine. My wife has been in depression for several years (also been under treatment for several years), so as a career analytical chemist, I've done some reading about/around the subject. Solid intro, and it has given me some references to pursue. Thanks!
July 01, 2001 where the exmple of FAP? Reply from PK Try
July 01, 2001 Great info. I am looking for more information on the sociology/psychology and history of marriage between older man and younger women. Can you advise. Thank you. Lorry Dorn
July 02, 2001 I am looking for documentation that a child gets his intelligence from the mother.....can you help me?
July 03, 2001   dear PhD. I am studing Educational psychology for my PhD. I will be more than thankful if you send me some information about "evolutionary psychologh" Reply from PK Try
July 03, 2001 i liked it hp weingold phd
July 04, 2001 I think the schizophrenic has more dopamine receptors than normal or they are more sensitive to dopamine than normal OR there is an excitatory response to the dopamine that produces an allergy-like reaction that amplifies the response to the dopamine. Question is: Why not increase availability of MAO to bring dopamine down?
July 04, 2001 Does the body produce its own phenylalanine and/or tyrosine leading to an ever increasing spiral of dopamine which is more than the available MAO can handle? Or is it too much HVA residue pushing buttions elsewhere to produce or react and release endogenous tyrosine/Phenylalanine?
July 04, 2001 Thank you for this site. It has proven to be helpful in my study of biological psychology.
July 05, 2001 very good
July 07, 2001 This is a really really helpfull site.It was quick and effective, the layout is simply but very effective. I have found this information of much use. Thankyou.
July 08, 2001 Really would love to have a hard copy of your web page on Depression (PYS128). I am a sit down in a chair or at a desk style of reader, with hard copy and a good reading lamp. Backlit computer screen gives be eye fatigue and sitting at a computer for hours hurts my back. Any change you could post a .pdf version? Would really appreciate it. Reply from PK We are investigating this option
July 10, 2001 This is a great introductory resource to evolutionary psychology. Very will summarised - concise and to the point. Thanks for your time and effort in putting this web page together.
July 12, 2001 would like there to be mitochondria in the presynaptic knob diagram
July 15, 2001 excellent excellent excellent
July 16, 2001 loading speed was apawling for amount of clip recieved. think this is due to complexity of clip
July 25, 2001 I found this web page extremely factual and relevent, to the essay which I am in the process of writing. The information was factual and full of information without trying to cramm to much in .
July 26, 2001 Hi Dr. Kenyon, This resource is excellent. It loads quickly (I have a cable modem), and is well-organized and clear.
A few links are broken:
.) the brain project has moved to
.) I couldn't bring up any of Chudler's pages.
Since I work off a small monitor, it would help if the top frame were smaller (or could be resized), leaving more space to see the text. THANKS A LOT, the site is excellent! :-)
July 31, 2001 This is very good indeed. It provides a comprehensive cover of all the 'standard' information, plus extra bits I had not seen. Graphically well put together. Thank you.
August 03, 2001   I am a graduate student in Health Psychology. The information i received from this web site was very informative and organized . It appears that it was formulate to "wet our appetite" for more details. I am presently writing my thesis and is focusing on The effect of Leaned Helplessness on an adolescent mental ability which sometimes reason that violence solves problems. i will appreciate any feedback you can give me pertaining to my thesis. Thank you
August 06, 2001 very good
August 15, 2001 very, very nice! maty wingo, ph.d.
August 20, 2001 I think it is terrific. I like it a lot. It is clear and most importantly, to the point. I would like to see further explanation on how one gets off the stuff and what the brain goes through, timeline, and if the brain ever returns to its "normal" state. Thanks again.
August 22, 2001 The content is great, but there is to much stuff on a single page.
August 23, 2001 It was good information but not the information i was looking for!! I need to find out about the qualifications, training and pay for an investigation i am doing for an essay on our future jobs!!
August 24, 2001   Could you please send me some information about your program. I am going to graduate this fall and would liket o began on my bachelors in Jan 2002. I am not clear where you are located and if some of these courses can be taken on line. Can you recommend other institutions for neuroscience as well. Also, are there any female minority scholarships.
August 24, 2001 i have found it very useful with my coursework for the a2 course in psychology i am currently studying at Hinchingbrooke school Cambridgeshire.
August 27, 2001 Its good, but I want to know what happens if both the LH and VMH were destroyed?
August 29, 2001 very good and informative
August 31, 2001 loading is too slow
August 31, 2001 fantastic - I'm a UEL student.
September 02, 2001 Thank you very much for your organization of information on this subject. My occupation is social worker/addictions counselor at a residential treatment facility. Your information adds to my knowledge and helps me to present addiction education material to my clients.
September 04, 2001 Very good! I really liked how easy it was for me to find all this information, especially since I don`t know a lot about computers and stuff. Thank you man!
September 10, 2001 very good site but materials require certain method of historical arrangement. Further concepts should be explained in detail as done by Eyesecnk
September 11, 2001 Excellent, very clear and neat visuals. Helped me with my understanding of drug addiction.
September 12, 2001 EXCELLENT
September 14, 2001 Hi..In general I think your materials are magnificent. In particular, I am not that crazy about your neuron and synapse model that you have used at the top of this page (and for animation elsewhere.)....thank you so much for your site, it is really splendid....
September 21, 2001 Excellent.
September 22, 2001 well done!
September 27, 2001 Dr. Kenyon: Thanks for the great examples . I am using them for journal entries for my PSYC 410, Learning and Cognition class at VCU in Richmond, VA. USA.
September 28, 2001 THe speed is slow for my pc coz i has a slow pc but its good
October 01, 2001 Interesting. I found this website purely by chance.
October 01, 2001 Hi, I'm a third yr student at Abertay University in Dundee. I am about to embark on an essay based project into depression and found the information in this site very useful. It is set out in an easy to understand format. Well Done.
October 07, 2001 i find this site comprehensive, lucid and helpful. i am so glad for this resource of learning and keeping abreast in this rapidly evolving field. thank you.
October 08, 2001 this is a good web page to learn stuff.
October 08, 2001 This was very helpful in my understanding of the psychology of attraction. GREAT SOURCE!!!!!
October 09, 2001 Very interesting and helpfull - Thank you so much
October 09, 2001 excellent,i'm using this as reference when writing my dissertation on child gender development. thank you
October 10, 2001 put in a 3-d picture! I need one for a project
October 10, 2001 fantastic!
October 10, 2001 Thank you this was a fun way to reinforce my revising for OU degree.
October 11, 2001 This is a wonderful page!! it had everything i needed. thank you.
October 11, 2001 Having read through this article, my understanding on depression in particular have increased, it is well organised and very detailed. Have you got any article on coronary heart disease? thank you
October 11, 2001   Thank you for such a complete and thorough insight into what happpens in all of us. Myself I have a brain injury injury and to try to get a grasp of what is happening from the Dr.s is futile. Now I am armed with what I can do to get my life back. All the info. was in wonderful form and very clear. Thank you
October 12, 2001 Well I'm just a beginer of psychology student in Asmara University which is in Eritrea. I found it very amazing and I will continue my reading. Keep it up
October 12, 2001 very helpful
October 14, 2001 Excellent page...although I would have loved to read about precise examples of how and why depression manifests itself in animals Thanks!
October 16, 2001 This is the best website about evolutionary psychology i have came across yet. Thank you soo much for the information. It has helped me greatly!
October 16, 2001 Could not load the VRML model. Tried with 2 other computers to no advail.
October 16, 2001 you should have a video where you talk and explain whats going on in the video instead of just a clip with no sound.
October 16, 2001 EXCELLENT!!!
October 17, 2001 This is very informative and easy to follow. It was just what I was looking for. Thank you!
October 17, 2001 i think it is a really good website, but need more information on Weiss. However, the names for the journal articles are not given so i cannot order them through my school library..
October 21, 2001 with a 56k ....horrible!
October 23, 2001 You have done a wonderful job bringing this information together. Thank you.
October 24, 2001 I found this learning resource to be extremely helpful. My tutor had recommended the page and I found lots of very interesting starting points for my essay on how evolution relates to human behaviour. I am a first year psychology student and found it very interesting and quick and easy to load. Thank-you!
October 24, 2001 Very cool and helpful. Clear graphics lend to a clear understanding of the process.
October 29, 2001 absolutley fantastic!
October 29, 2001 I think it is excellent, illustrates the process in a simple, understandable way. Thanks!
October 30, 2001 I had a research paper on Martin Seligman and this helped tremendously. Thankyou
October 31, 2001 wonderfull thankslot because I am going to use this information to my cource work. prem
November 01, 2001 Brilliant it was just what I needed. Loading speed. Fast. Many thanks.
November 02, 2001 A surprising resource - the animation was great. Could do with a little bit more detail though.
November 03, 2001 Thanks so much. I am an undergraduate student at Millikin University. I am learning about the rat reproductive cycle. Your website was extremely interesting and helpful.
November 03, 2001 where can i get an official list of Definitions of clinical disorders, there is no serch on your site that i can fined. But a very good site.
November 04, 2001 This website is great. My computer is on a LAN and most of the time when I go to a page with lots of graphics, it takes forever and I get a ton of errors. I don't know what you did different, but thanks. I'm working on my term paper that this page has some great information to help me understand what I am attempting to covey.
November 08, 2001 i would like to learn psychology through regular college . is there any possibility for me to study .please send details
November 08, 2001 I am attending one of Plymouth's partners, South Devon College and am undertaking Combined Honours Degree. I was looking for PSY 122 which does not seem to be here. Are you going to be covering this? Thank you.
November 09, 2001 Good easy to understand well written infromation and well presented.
November 09, 2001 Very interesting site. A useful reference site for my students. What do I have to do to get permission to use some of the graphics in my course in Medicinal Chemistry. I teach at Saint Louis University in the Department of Chemistry. Vincent Spaziano
November 16, 2001 Very interesting but many links unavailable
November 16, 2001 excellent
November 16, 2001 I think this is a very good page, its is set out well and well reearched
November 16, 2001 Excellent. Doing a presentation on brain-based learning for grad class. This site has been very useful for a general overview of the neurophysiology. Thanks.
November 16, 2001 This page is GOLDEN! I am planning to use it as a main refrence for my psychology term paper! Thank You!
November 20, 2001 I found your site to be most impressive. It was well constructed and presented. Friendly for users of intellectual ranges. It is pleasant for learners with disablitlites such as dyslexia. Well done!!!
November 22, 2001 excellent. can we have more pages like this. for example M.S.
November 22, 2001 it takes a very long time to load, and print!!
November 24, 2001 Thank you for the information. May I suggest, however, that you view your site for certain editorial changes. For example some of the graphics overlap some of the wording, and may have interrupted the points.
November 24, 2001 This is an excellent website. This information was more helpful than any of my shcool books.
November 25, 2001 your picture of the reward system is covering a paragraph of writing
November 26, 2001 Some of the pictures can not be seen, but this resourca helped me very much about my paper.Thanks a lot!!!:=) Loading speed is really good I think.
November 26, 2001 I was trying to find some examples of the effects of common drugs on synapses.
November 27, 2001 Question: What technique is used to trace levels of GABA in the brain?
November 29, 2001 where can i find bradys experiment
December 03, 2001 An exelent lecture resource
December 03, 2001 your online book and zipped version links aren't working!
December 04, 2001 I'm really enjoying your site. The only problem is that sometimes the text has been covered up by a poorly placed image.
December 09, 2001 beautifully laid out, clear to look at and understand. Made the animal experiments rather less boring than usual.
December 11, 2001 have you got any reference to psychologists that have done experinments on boifeedback relating to stress-management?
December 11, 2001 I found this site very interesting thankyou!
December 12, 2001 Thank you, clear overview. would like more.
December 12, 2001 very interesting,i am doing a psychology course, this gave me great help in understanding thee general things. thankyou
December 13, 2001 brilliant
December 16, 2001 I enjoyed your information very much. I found it very imformative. Tell me how would one lower ones cortisol level to help increase memory? Are there herbs or amino acids to so this?
December 19, 2001 just terrific - thank you
December 21, 2001 this site is brillient! its a good place to start understanding the basics of depression, it is interesting with extra information, and has clear diagrams.
December 23, 2001 It is great!
December 24, 2001 Excellent!
December 29, 2001 Informative and attractive. Keep up the good work. If possible add a section on effects of stress on motor performance from a cognitive function perspective. Thank you.
December 30, 2001 Very well organized. I loved all the more recent experiment data to back up the information and the "points to ponder"... good for use in the classroom!
December 30, 2001   The scientific information on this site is very valid and i had trouble finding it else-where on the internet. I have several theories on depression which i would like to share with people who have an interest or research potential. I am a depressive myself and have been reading on it for over 10 years.
January 01, 2002 This site is absolutely fantastic. I will recommend it glowingly to all my friends interested in EP. Thanks for putting in the work--the results shine. Best and Happy New Year Joseph Stern New York, USA
January 01, 2002 I find the thought provoking pictures at the beginning of each lecture useful as they enable me to visualise the topic and therefore aid my memory.
January 02, 2002 good
January 04, 2002 It was very very clear to me to find out info. about animal behaviour. it was including almost all the aspects of learning. Thanks a lot.
January 09, 2002 GREAT THANKS. SHAKHNOZA GANIEVA (student of Touro College)
January 09, 2002 I am a 1st year psychology student at university of waterloo. I am trying to find out how many neurotransmitters are used in any one neural transmission. I can't seem to find this info anywhere. Can you help.
January 09, 2002 It was great it helped me on my science fair project report. Thanks!!!!!
January 09, 2002 I thought this web-site was fantastoc, clearly explained and detailed. Thankyou
January 10, 2002 absolutely wonderful was a great help with my chemistry ISU
January 12, 2002 Having used your audio commentary, as a very useful form of revision, I was slightly dissapointed to see that evolutionary psychology does not provide the same service. I think that your audio ceommentary service is a very good service, like the rest of your website. It helps having you explain what is going on, on the page while I am reading it. This is because although I sit at the front of your lectures, it is sometimes tricky to follow what exactly is going on. All in all i think you provide an exemplary service for students of all ranges and only wish other lecturers took as much time to help their students as you do.
January 13, 2002 Excellent!
January 13, 2002 very interesting
January 14, 2002 well presented, thanks
January 15, 2002 very good,easy accses, very interesting
January 18, 2002 Fantastic - fascinating, interesting, clear information, loaded quickly. I wish there were more like this.
January 24, 2002 there was good clarity of info
January 26, 2002 -Interesting movie! that was great -what was that purple ring in the movie? Was that part of the medication or particles of neurotransmitters? -In the middle of the movie, there are golden balls heading towards the other end of the postsynaptic membrane, breaking into blue pieces after being blocked by the red ones. Are they also neurotransmmitters? -Do the medication not simply block the neurotransmitters but even destroy them? I used to think they just block the neurotransmitters so that they keep adrifting between the synaptic gaps without being able to attach anywhere until they naturally desolve or something! What happens after the red ones binds to the receptors? Do they eventually leave that membranes or do they permanently change the chemical of the neurotransmitter itself such that the affected neurons no longer work as neurons? While the medication block the neurons, doesn`t the neuron change its nature because it no longer receives the stimulation they should by the neurotransmitters?
January 29, 2002 nice information. appreciated much by us high school students.
January 30, 2002 Thanx - really helpful!
January 31, 2002 I've returned to your evolutionary psychology web page many times. It's really overflowing with excellent data and spot-on summaries of the ideas. If someone asked me why I study what I do, I could simply send them to this web page and say "that's why." Anyway, I teach a class on this material at UCLA and have found your site most useful in helping my students understand some concepts. I (and they) thank you for your efforts. Jay Phelan
January 31, 2002 very interesting, easy to follow, eyecatching and useful
January 31, 2002 wow, it's good
January 31, 2002 Great job
January 31, 2002 This is a very good resource of learning more on this topic.
February 02, 2002 I thought is was very educational and many people who read this could learn from it.
February 03, 2002 The specific data presented appears to have been made more readable for the uneducated at the expense of the availability real information. Reply from PK Fair comment, but bear in mind that many of my users are just starting to explore the topics. In this sense they are uneducated. Once they have grasped the basic outline they can follow the links to the original papers at the end of many of the web pages.
February 04, 2002 I came across your comprehensive site whilst looking for distance learning courses. I am interested in studying for an MSc in a Psychology related area via distance learning but was not satisfied by the Open University options. I work full time as an assistant psychologist and therefore could not give enough hours a week to attend lectures 9-5pm, hence the distance learning search. I am therefore enquiring about the possibility of the University of Plymouth providing an on-line Msc using resources such as this one. Obviously this resource was designed for feedback but i would really appreciate any response you could give me as I am very keen. Reply from PK Sorry the University of Plymouth has no plans to offer this module via distance learning.

February 05, 2002 Excellent!
February 06, 2002 this was a great help...i needed to write an essay on the gender differences in infancy and early childhood for a psychology class, and this was a great help to find information and knowledge on the topic. i found the diagrams and graphs a great help also.

February 06, 2002

I'm a student at the University of Ilinois and I have an assignment in my PSYCH class asking us to do a review
on an internet sight that visits the brain and its many workings. I really enjoyed viewing this page and will use this
site as a refrence when studying for my exam.
February 07, 2002 would it be possible to reduce the size of some of the diagrams, they take up far too much room and now we have to buy our own copies it costs far too much money, and on this particular occasion i have run out of money so i am unable to print out a whole copy of the lecture hand out, as you can imagine it is rather annoying. thank you.
February 08, 2002
Very good, very helpful. Thanks. Anja Siegmund, Germany
February 11, 2002
why not begin with close up and used saved space to slow action down? the zooming in is a waste of information space
February 11, 2002 amazing - very helpful and useful for revision
February 11, 2002 I am doing a study into motivating children and had been recomended to read about Seligman with regards to Learned Helplessness. Your information was very detailed and relevant! Thank you !
Hannah Curtis Webb
February 11, 2002
Excellent! My AP Psych classes will use this as homework and reference. Thanks so much. Eleanor Miller,
February 13, 2002
Hi, I thought this was a very useful and clear way to back up my lecture notes!!!
February 13, 2002 *************
Hello Dr Kenyon I am a mature psychology student studying at *************, I am researching the biological bases of depression and how it is treatable with medication. Since I am in my first year and I am unfamiliar with behavioural neuroscience, I am finding the terminology quite difficult, however, your explanations seem to cut through the academic language and offer a clear and precise explanation. I believe that yours is a fantastic website and can only envy your students! I will continue to use your website to enhance the learning experience I receive at ***********, and I take this opportunity to thank you for a pleasurable learning experience!
Kind regards
Miss Indy Dhuga
February 14, 2002 Why do anitdepressant drugs take so long to build up to an effective level in the system? Do you think that drug companies will ever produce an anit depressant drug that works as quickly as the average over the counter pain killer?Reply from PK. Here are some thoughts on these questions.

February 14, 2002 What a wonderful way of demonstrating how a neurotransmitter, such as serotonin, gets to where it needs to go in order to sustain systems in the brain! The loading speed is fine; detail and clarity are fine. I would like to see more, such as the entire route that serotonin must make in order to prevent depression, such as in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
February 18, 2002 very interesting!!!
February 20, 2002 EXCELLENT! couldn't be better!
February 20, 2002 damn good
February 21, 2002
Thought this site was well documentated and was the only good site I could find that described the hormones released during stress. Also didn't ake long for everything to load up.
February 21, 2002 Hi, I really like the idea of the website, it makes the infomation from lectures clear and easy to find. I am dyslexic and I find taking notes from lectures extremely difficult and having notes I can print out and read through before the lecture has made things much easier. Thanks.
February 21, 2002 really helpful to us at keele university - many thanks
February 22, 2002 extremely slow to download and rarely available on the web. However, useful when available. printable format would be much better as printing cuts off right side of web page!
February 25, 2002 I found this site to be very helpful. Thank you
February 26, 2002 I am currently writing an Extended Essay for the International Baccalaureate program regarding the topic 'learned helplessness'. This is by far the best web-site I have come across thus far. Thank-you for all your help!!!
February 27, 2002 Very nice short tour of evolutionary psychology. Glad to have the extra resources.
Mike Bendzela, a lay reader
February 28, 2002 Hi, I'm a college student. Your site was very helpful for me because I'm doing a presentation on anti-anxiety disorders. Thanks for the help
March 01, 2002 What happens to the brain (receptors and neurotransmitters) during drug withdrawls?
March 03, 2002 This site is great, just the stuff i needed to complete my science assignment. But one thing you could put in is a brain that has been cut twice, once lengthways and once across, showing what it looks like from a different angle.
March 04, 2002 Very impressive
March 06, 2002
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March 09, 2002 good web site easy to under stand
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March 12, 2002 wow, what a page . i still have to read in detail but it's an amazing page . i am a psychology student myself and this page of your's is just amazing
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Excellent page. It was very useful in helping me to prepare for my exam tomorrow.
Great animations and diagrams.
March 15, 2002 excellent
March 16, 2002 You are truely a wealth of knowledge. I have learned a tremendous amount in just a few hours on your website. Thank you so,so much. Andrea Saldana
March 17, 2002
quite a few links aren't working
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March 18, 2002 Most of the online links are not accessible becasue the url is not found this is causing a great deal of distress and frustration!!!!
Reply from PK. Dead links removed18/03/02
March 18, 2002 This is awesome. It is a big help for my psych class. Thanks
March 18, 2002 thank you for providing this resource. Bregan Koenigseker, Washington DC
March 19, 2002 This page could have more about what LH and VMH is.
March 21, 2002 I thought tha the txt was ok the only problem is that you haven't explained the effects of stress on the human body
March 24, 2002 loading speed too was so long that I never got to view the animation.
March 25, 2002 Excellent
March 25, 2002 it's not so good. the short clip is absolutely helpless and i personally did not achieve any information about this topic.
March 25, 2002 amazing
March 25, 2002 GREAT!!!!
March 28, 2002
An excellent site that has helped me extensively with a third year zoology essay on the relative contributions of the nervous and endocrine systems to feeding and digestion. Thanks!
March 29, 2002 outstanding
March 30, 2002 Many thanks! I am a graduating Senior with a BS in Behavioral Science and, since I ma starting grad school soon, wanted a bit of a brush up. What a huge help!
March 30, 2002 very helpfull thanks
April 03, 2002

I'm doing an extensive research paper on stress and its physiological and pshychological effects on the body. This site helped me so much. Great job!
April 03, 2002
excellent! i am preparing a seminar for a class this semester and your website provided exactly the information i was looking for in a very accessible manner. thank you!
April 04, 2002 Learned helplessness was completely understood in this learning resource. It was easy to understand, a very good job on your part!
April 05, 2002
i need to find acetylchorine, serotonin, histamine, dopamine, and this site did not help me at all!!!!
April 06, 2002 Congratulations
I am very happy to have found this learning resource. I am preparing a course on behaviural ecology with hints of evolutionary psychology and I am going to tell my students to come to this web page.
April 07, 2002 This was a very helpful site. It was a suggested supplementary site in my physiology of behaviour textbook and it was of great use for me, especially the graphs, very easy to read, navigate through, and understand.
April 10, 2002
Do you need me to say more? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 10, 2002
Very informative. Thanks
April 10, 2002 great
April 10, 2002
The explanation was great - but I have no idea what I was looking at in the video.
April 10, 2002
very educational and descriptive i learned alot
April 11, 2002
This si the best site I have ever come across, well done
Christine Schroder
April 12, 2002 this was extremely helpfull in assissting me with my studies THANKS
April 14, 2002 loading speed was tremendously slow, info was good but basic to the pharmacist/doctor, and please spell organization correctly.
April 15, 2002
This is a brilliant page, well done!
April 15, 2002
great- thank you
April 16, 2002 The resource material was excellent , I could not retrieve the neurotransmitter clip as after 10 minutes it had not fully downloaded, otherwise this site has assisted me in reinforcing material for my upcoming exam. Thank you
April 18, 2002 This is a great website, I think it should set as a model for all other interactive website dewaling with obesity and feeding
April 19, 2002 wow what a great website , couldnt belive my look when i discovered this little beauty.
April 20, 2002
very good resource
April 23, 2002 Very nice and clear viewpoint on the journey although some audio may be a good support for internet use.
April 24, 2002
excellent! thanks so much
April 24, 2002 Excellent! It was fast, clear and very detailed.
High School Teacher
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April 25, 2002 quick to load
clear and concise
I'll be back
April 26, 2002
absolutely brilliant!!!
April 26, 2002
i think its a brilliant way of accessing information, as long as the cumputer isn't down!!
I think its really important to be able to retrieve information thats up to date and relevant to the topic!
April 27, 2002 What foods can help me increase my serotonin levels?
April 28, 2002 loading speed is fantastic and the clarity of info is good.
i am new to neuroscience hence this website really helped in my understanding and learning.
thank you !:)
April 29, 2002
i think its cool. but i'm a 1st year student, i feel it should be in more lay terms..
May 01, 2002
Quite nifty and useful.
May 01, 2002
You are so great! Thank you for putting this up.
May 02, 2002 Needs to summarise the more important bits! Too much to print!
May 03, 2002
This is very informative and easy to understand thank you
May 06, 2002 Very good
May 16, 2002
The website is fantastic (very detailed and in depth) but it would be useful to have a summary or each lecture
May 18, 2002 Excellent documentation and presentation!
Thank you for making it available.
May 19, 2002 this was great, but it would have been better if there was a clip available to see in action. Thanks, Cathryn
May 21, 2002 This is an awsome website with fantastic information. The visuals are clear and interesting and the information you give is clear, straight forward and easy to understand
May 23, 2002
Great! Very comprehensive. Loading is quite commendable and the organisation is perfect.
May 27, 2002 The whole website is amazing. The speed is good, the layout is good, etc.
The only critism is that i think you should only include what we definetely need to know for the exam- no extra information because there is a lot to learn!
May 29, 2002
Absolutely brilliant. A great help
May 30, 2002 excellent
June 02, 2002 This website was really helpful. Thanx! The organization was great, and the info easy to understand!
June 04, 2002 very instructive and helpfull in teachingg students
Erik Hoencamp MD Ph.D.
June 05, 2002 Thanks, Good Stuff
June 08, 2002 It was EXCELLENT! So helpful and clear to read, thank you for providing this resource. I'm studying for exams and you put it in such an easy way to understand. Thank you!
June 10, 2002 I think that this web page is an excellent source of information. It was very helpful in my psychology course.
June 13, 2002 Superb. I like the illustrations.
June 16, 2002 I wish I had calsses like this in my educational period!
June 18, 2002 clarity of information is not very good and also a lot of irelevent information that dosn't link directly to the a level course of pe
July 02, 2002 Haven't read all of it yet, but I'm really greatful for this excellent site! Thank you very much!
P.S. I'm not used to html coding, but this makes it realy easy.
July 04, 2002 Congratulations. Very well done for speed, clarity and content
July 11, 2002 It is the most unorganized website.I asked about the scientific method and you gave me other stuff.
July 13, 2002 Your learning resource on Schizophrenia is one of the very best I've ever seen - be it in Internet or in Books (I've studied, for example, Stahl's, 2000). Thank you very much for providing this excellent resource!

K. Herthneck, Clinical Psychology Student, University of Tübingen, Germany, Europe; at the moment via research-program at the University of Bologna, Italy.

July 14, 2002 excellent men! your explanation is clear and it has really helped me in my research
July 15, 2002 I wish there was a way to slow the animation down a bit.
July 18, 2002 Thanks so much, im a psychology student!!!!
July 18, 2002 It' fantastic!
July 20, 2002 I teach A level psychology and have found this an excellent learninhg resource for myself and will use many of the ideas in my own lessons.
July 21, 2002 Excellent! The visuals, the summaries and objective depiction of findings is rare to find in the web. However, I would add more information on homosexuality,the psychological causes in particular, as it is crucial to the subject.
July 29, 2002
This resource was great! Lots of information, easy to read and understand on-screen. Loaded quickly.
July 29, 2002 Excellent source of information! All "under one roof"! I absolutely loved it! Thanks!
August 01, 2002 This shows dedication and commitment to excellence. Good work. Raymond Ting PhD
August 05, 2002 This is a really useful site. It really helped my my presentation which was about drug addiction
August 06, 2002 Superbly structured and expressed. Some info cross-links would be welcomed. Finally, I would love to read other 'lectures' in the series (i.e. within "year 1") but am unable to access the index. Would you be able to advise, please?
August 06, 2002 Thank you for a wonderful site in which the writing was in 'plain english' making it easier to understand, thank you i can now understand evolutionary psychology better.
August 08, 2002 Thank you very much. The information i have read is excellent. Rate it as 10++++++
August 21, 2002
Very fast loading
Well maintained site
August 21, 2002
very informative.
August 27, 2002 i have nevwr found such a complete information about particular topic.
August 28, 2002 I really enjoyed and gained a lot of information from this site. I think Evolutionary Psychology can explain altruism. Supporting others increases the support that our children will have. If Humans were not supportive of each other, the society would soon disentigrate.

Preston Page, LCSW
August 28, 2002
This is an excellent learning resource. It all worked very well for me.
August 29, 2002 Wonderful site - as a "grandstudent" of Beach it is great to see an outstanding tribute to a master.
August 30, 2002 As a senior psychology student, I found this learning resource thorough and exprememly helpful! The detail and clarity of the information was exceptional.
August 30, 2002
August 30, 2002
The salmon website is an invaluable resourse for my course. However, there are areas of the site where text is obscured by pictures!
September 03, 2002 I liked the graphics, but the animation was way to fast- I needed it to go a little more slowly!
September 04, 2002
This is a great site, thansks much, I learned a great deal about evolutionary psychology for my project
September 07, 2002 Exellent.
September 08, 2002
THANK YOU!!! I think that your home page is really good.
Paulina González
September 08, 2002 This is a wonderful resource, slow on animated downloading speed but good nevertheless.
September 10, 2002 looks good. loaded fast. Would like more about current thinking. would like button at bottom of each section to get to top again. would like questions with answers to test my understanding.
September 10, 2002 Thank you for providing such a easy to follow informative and well presented site. I have found it has increased my understanding.
September 13, 2002 The material was very informative and the figures were explanatory
September 14, 2002 This is a very very nice site. i greatly appreciated looking at your figures you presented.

Brian Paciotti
UC Davis
September 18, 2002
absolutely wonderful! Thank you!
September 18, 2002 This was a very interesting and well-laid out resource.

I wonder if you might be tempted to clarify some things and perhaps indicate, where appropriate, what degree of weight attaches to the answer especially given current research.

1. What are the implications of this experiment for Seligman's cognitive theory as far as the ABCDE approach is used to treat children and adults? That is, how much damage does it do to his practical advice in tackling learned helplessness?

2. Though referring to Pavlov, Seligman argues elsewhere that John Garcia had undermined the Pavlovian model of conditioning. Garcia's experiments fit very well the model of learning put forward by the philosopher Karl Popper, who has denied there is anything like the reflex arc and that Pavlov's theory is a misinterpretation. What is the state of play on this?

3. Is the concept of learned helplessness importantly different from depression? Particularly in relation to whether the causes are cognitive/mental or physiological?

I am intrigued by this research after having stumbled across Seligman's book setting on his Darwinian views of psychology which dovetail very much with the kind of Darwinian theory of knowledge I currently accept in philosophy.

Seligman's book dates back to 1990 and I am curious whether there is a more recent popular book that is more up-to-date on the current field of research.

Thank you for your time and I will of couse understand if you feel it inappropriate to reply.

Donal McEvoy
September 19, 2002 Hello, prety cool!!Thanks alot.
September 19, 2002 awesome!
September 22, 2002 Too good!
September 22, 2002 the loading speed is too slow. the clarity and the organization is very good.
September 24, 2002 It was a bit much to read in one go
September 26, 2002
This is most informative. I would like to see the A.M.A. Disease Model.
September 30, 2002 there is not enough information on physical dependance and psychological dependence
September 30, 2002 Very good resource. Loading speed, , organisation, detail + clarity of info. are all very sufficient for the frantic nutrition student! Thank-you, Joi
October 02, 2002 excellent from teacher at heston community school
October 02, 2002 Excellent!!
October 05, 2002 this is the best website. im doing biopsych in sydney australia and this explains everything so clearly with lots of interesting pictures. congratulations
October 08, 2002
excellent material
A.Bonakdarpour, PhD
October 09, 2002
I really enjoyed the site! Do you do IPSPs and EPSPs also?
October 09, 2002 Very informative and well-presented
October 09, 2002 very good but a bit above my understanding.i did get the general idea.thanks
October 09, 2002 i thought it was a great source of invormation, well organized and easy to understand!
i am doing an oral presentaion on Learned Helplessness in my Psychology class and i have learned alot from this web site!
October 10, 2002 Excellent - and I've only just started. Grabbed my interest straight away.
October 12, 2002 Hi! Above all, nice graphics! Impressive page that I think I will return to.
Ulla Karilampi, Psychologist M.Sc., Ph.D.-candidate
October 13, 2002
I like it alot
October 14, 2002
i think that this is a well organised and interesting page, it uses simple terms to get quite abstract ideas across. it is much better than simply reading a text book
thanks .
October 14, 2002 I think its ok.
October 14, 2002 No clever summary, I don't get it yet, must read it carefully and I wonder if I will come back to do that
October 15, 2002 great!
October 16, 2002 How wonderful, this is exactly what I am looking for! Very clear and helpful.

Comparitive Cognition Student from Texas Lutheran University, Erika Clark
http://How wonderful, this is exactly what I am looking for! Very clear and helpful.
October 16, 2002 Dr. Kenyon,

I found this site to be very useful to me and my students. Thank you for putting it up!

Roman Wong, PhD
October 17, 2002
love the website.
October 17, 2002
took way too long to load, (possibly my computer)! very informative and precise.
October 18, 2002 excellent source, clear and extremely useful for school tasks!
October 18, 2002 ...fine a good site everybody seeking for...
October 18, 2002
Really impressive!!!
October 19, 2002 I think that you are a wonderful researcher! You opened the subject and then esplained the different theories clearly and with objection. Wonderful, A+++++ job well done! JJackson,Jr., Ed.D., Ph.D., MSN, BSN
October 20, 2002 It is an excelent page!.The best URL than I have found to teach basic ethology to my students.
Santiago Benjumea Ph.D.
Learning and Conditioning Professor
Department of Experimental Pychology
Universidad de Sevilla
October 20, 2002
This is great! I found you on Google. Very helpful in a one lecture discussion of classical conditioning and its relevance to clinical psychologists.

Katie McGovern, Ph.D.
October 21, 2002

October 23, 2002 very useful.
Good that you explained rotation well.
October 23, 2002 Thanks. very informstive + easy to read. Nice ti know im not alone in my views!
October 24, 2002 searching for material for a research project on models of addiction - really good explanation and graphics! I will be back.
October 24, 2002 very good stuff
October 24, 2002 i think that this page (and all of SALMON) is amazing, have only just discovered its existence and am very grateful that there is such a useful resource on the web. This page has really cleared some issues up for me, cheers!
October 30, 2002 fantastic. an excellent source for learning anatpmy.
October 30, 2002 Concise, clearly written, and well organized.
Thank you.
Stephen E. Levick, M.D.
October 30, 2002
I am doing an essay on Evolutionary Psychology and human behaviour and found this website brilliant !!
October 30, 2002 Very well presented and really great information on the "pecking". Bes tof luck to you in the future!
October 31, 2002 Wonderful information,,,,presented clearly. Diagrams were exceptionally helpful. What is needed is information that can be shared with general public (not professionals)that is easily understood.
November 01, 2002 This is an absolutely wonderful site!!!!!!!
November 05, 2002 Excellent!! in al senses
November 05, 2002 Brill!!!
November 06, 2002
discovered the salmon website today when preparing for a psyc essay at another uni - it's absoluetly fantastic! so clear and easy to follow - i'll recommend it to all my friends! thank you!!
November 11, 2002
i think this website was very informative...and it did a great job helping me visualize things.......keep it up!
November 12, 2002 Hi just wanted to say the site is really clear and i found it v helpful but the animated version of the neurotransmitter needs to be a bit slower as I found it difficult to remember what was going on at the same time. Cheers, Michelle

Reply from PK: You can use the controls underneath the movie to control its speed.
November 14, 2002 It is very well structured, gives interesting examples and discussion points. I used this resource for the undergraduate course "Psychoneuroendocrinology".
November 16, 2002
very clear very easy to understand as i am only a first yr student in pychology
November 19, 2002 Pretty good stuff. It was funny which is unusual for a science site.
November 19, 2002 excellent
November 20, 2002 This has been the best website for this topic that I have found, and I think you for making such a well detailed and clear information site!
November 21, 2002 It loads nicely. You might want to slow down the animation. It will give people more time to figure out what's going on.
Reply from PK: You can use the controls underneath the movie to control its speed.
November 21, 2002 it was useful. but we experienced difficulty in loading. eniweis, it helped us a lot. thanks!
November 21, 2002 very helpful.keep up the good work
November 22, 2002 GREAT PAGE
November 23, 2002 very informative. do you offer a distance learning course relating directly to animal behaviour and ethology?
Reply from PK Sorry, we don't offer distance learning courses
November 25, 2002
This was an excellent visual tool, thank you. I thought that both the speed, organization, and clarity was excellent.
November 26, 2002
I am a PhD student at Cambridge University. I have been searching for information about web based questionnaires. I found you site very informative. THANK YOU.
November 26, 2002
Thanks for such a great page. I am currently working on a project about psychedelic drugs, namely mescaline, and this page really helped me understand the reward system in the brain. Thanks! The animations and illustrations worked really good!
November 27, 2002 Thank you so much for making this information available on the Web! I am a graduate student @ LaSalle University in Philadelphia (USA), and found your material great background to fill in the gaps in my undergraduate education. I plan on "taking" more of your courses to help me better understand the graduate material. Again, thank you so much, this is a wonderful resource. By the way, the loading speed, etc. were excellent.
November 30, 2002 I found it all very interesting.
December 02, 2002 I think this is a very good idea to have something like this.
December 03, 2002 The site is incredible. It is informative, imaginative, and extremely helpful.
December 03, 2002
it`s great and very good to overview, i guess your hp helped me a lot for my biology homework, thanx
December 04, 2002 I am not in your course but all the information provided was very insightfull and explanatory. I really enjoyed reading it. Very informative and well explained.
December 04, 2002
this is great
love crystal 8 grade students
December 17, 2002
very good. thankyou!
December 23, 2002 great
good links
December 29, 2002 very good!
December 31, 2002
lovely - clear - fun - a pleasure to read and also easy to find way around - good links
January 03, 2003
very good
thank you!
January 05, 2003
The information is very clearly laid out and really helped me with my seminar questions about models of addiction. The diagrams are also very clear and easy to understand.
January 09, 2003 excellent. The most clear and easy to understand explanation of Weiss study I have seen
January 09, 2003
useful and relatively consise
January 09, 2003 fab
January 13, 2003 Extremly insightful, current, useful to me, a Nurse Practitioner.
January 16, 2003 oh GOD its a best and ecelent site amoung all.
keep it up and make it more interesting abt dreams,personality,with different deffinations of normal human psychology and learned and unlearned drives and motives.
thank you
January 17, 2003 this was very useful, much clearer than the resources i recieved from my own university
January 17, 2003 I liked the reading, it was clear and concise as to function, flowpath, and end result. Diagrams were great. There also was points of interest, and additional references, Thanks :)
January 21, 2003
at the moment I am studying animal care at Canterbury College and part of my biology assignments is about genetics
January 21, 2003 cool!!
January 21, 2003 It's a wonderful resource for both teachers and students working within the IB psychology programme. The information is clear and very useful in all respects. So my comment is simply thank you.
Jette Hannibal (dk)
January 22, 2003 I found the spice girls to be very usefull in helping me on my essay on morphological development of flounder (flatfish)
January 26, 2003 This is a grand site---merci mille fois!!! Thank you.

Judy Spira PhD
University of North Texas
Health Promotion
January 27, 2003 via email  

I am currently a college instructor in psychology and sociology in one of our universities here. I would like you to know that your site is really a gret help for me in enhancing my lectures and it also provides advanced researches and ideas for my students.


January 28, 2003 I teach in a graduate school and just got through with a course on psychopharmacology. This is a terrific resource! Great graphics, etc. Thank you. M. McGlathery
January 28, 2003 the loading speed is somewhat slow
January 28, 2003
Great page!
January 28, 2003 Dear Dr. Kenyon,
I enjoy your website so much I would like to meet you one of these days when I am in the UK. Would that be possible? I will be going back your way around Sept or Oct. I am a mental health clinician in a county organization in California and also teach in a graduate school in Berkeley Ca. I would love to sit in on one of your lectures. Thank you. Sincerely, Michael McGlathery, Ph.D., MFT
January 29, 2003 Excellent source. My only suggestion is to add the titles of the journal articles.
Once again, excellent and a valuable learning resource.
Susan Nicosia
January 30, 2003 Great resource. I will recommend it to my students.
February 01, 2003
Loading speed was a bit slow, but the amount of information was really good. Very useful-thanks!
February 02, 2003 Its a great resource, nicely taking advantage of the extra information styles accessible in this format.
February 02, 2003
Just a word regarding the usability of your web site: this page (EvolutionaryPsychology.html) is more than 500 Kb in size and takes 20 minutes to download...
February 05, 2003 notes are good, but you have too much, and they are not very printer friendly, ...........
February 11, 2003 excellent
February 11, 2003 I am a an A Level psychology student and found this to be a fantastic site to get clued up on some basic knowledge on topics Im about to cover in my classes. Good, clear, format and little Psycho-babble. Well done!
February 12, 2003
This is an excellent learning resource, i wish all the modules that i'm taking were this eaily linked to. it loaded very quickly and the information i needed was easily found. Excellent information!
February 15, 2003
I thought it was very clear, and that the psychological angle was particularly clear

Claude Almansi
February 17, 2003 very good. nice to be able to do it in own time & not to have to rely on only notes taken in the workshop.
February 17, 2003 thank you for making my studies that much easier through your notes.
February 18, 2003 In all honesty this is probably the best article I have ever found online. I think it will really help me in my studies. The references are also helpful because it leads to on to accessing other articles. Thank You!
February 18, 2003 your references are wrong
Remote Host:
February 19, 2003 This learning source is very useful and well presented- thumbs up.
February 19, 2003
It was a little difficult to get the hang of, but once grasped, found very simple to use and comprehend
February 19, 2003
it was too informative
February 20, 2003
I completed a BSc in Psychology at Surrey university in 1996. Evolutionary psychology wasnt really covered back then. This site has been really helpful.

Thank you
Ms Broughton
February 20, 2003 That's nice & informative.
February 20, 2003 Really interesting and i have actually learnt and been interested in things for the past couple of hours!!!
February 21, 2003 Good article and more info may be added.

P. K. Singh
Reader in Anthropology
February 24, 2003 I think that this page is great. The material covered is extremely interesting, whilst being informative and challenging. Also, the concepts covered are presented in an accessible way. Of particular interest is the 'EP is NOT' section, which helps to put EP into a political perspective. Looking forward to the next lecture!
February 24, 2003
Not good, preferred to be taught properly!
February 24, 2003
As a trainer/teacher fantastic site - easy to navigate able to pull out significant facts adults and children
February 24, 2003 I love the way you describe reserpine on neurotransmitters.
SPINDALE, N.C. 28160
February 25, 2003

i didnt find the answers i was looking for
February 26, 2003
All absolutely perfect.....Thank you
February 26, 2003 Congratulations, it´s a great resource. Can you help? I need info concerning the biological routes of a panic attack.Thanks, Pilar Chaho,M.D., Instituto de Genetoterapia, Mexico City.

Reply from PK Have you tried a Google or Altavista search?
February 26, 2003
Site is good but I bet the feminists don't like it. Hvae you read "The Double Helix?"

Reply from PK Yes a very long time ago!
February 26, 2003 this is a wonderful learning resource, well done.
very well laid out and easy to use.
can i ask you if you have heard of an anxiety reduction theory. is there one sopecifically called this. i am doing research into smoking behaviours of Firefighters and i have come across this term.
February 26, 2003 I loved this lecture! I'm a senior Psy. student at the Univ. of ***** in **** and this explanation was much clearer than the one my prof. gave. Thanks!
February 27, 2003

February 27, 2003 It clarified the whole concept-- the loading speed was fast, the organization very clear and to the point. Thank you!
February 28, 2003
a bit too fast really

Reply from PK The controls beneath the movie allow you to control the playback speed.
February 28, 2003
I wish I would learned these topics in the way as shown here... Thanks a lot, excellent!
March 01, 2003 what should be the conclusions aside from this topic about the drug effects ?
March 01, 2003 It was helpful, but I think it would have been easier if the yellow neruot. stayed yellow as it broke up.
March 02, 2003 don't have the camera zoom in like that, it's very distracting
March 02, 2003
its good!!!
March 06, 2003 It is very interesting and comprehensive. Thank you very much.
March 06, 2003
you should have a chart that directly compares the differences in anxiety drugs like valium, librium, paxil, buspar, xanax etc. It could compare the side effects, effectiveness, addictiveness, etc. good site though!
March 07, 2003 graphics are a bit too fast, but overall it's a great resource.
March 07, 2003 very good, but a bit basic
March 07, 2003
March 08, 2003 definition of human learned helplessness
what is it? Reply from PK: The URL below may help:
March 08, 2003
what is the scientific definition of the conception:fear?

Reply from PK: The URL below may help:
March 09, 2003 I think this a beatifully illustrated and informative resource. Couldn't better.

March 09, 2003 please answer these question for me in psychological terms!
1)Examine ethical controversies related to one method associated with the learning perspective?
2)Identify important historical and cultural factors that gave rise to the learning perspective?

Reply from PK.Sorry, I am not able to supply essays.
March 12, 2003 What grades are required to do a biology degree at plymouth?

Reply from PK.See
March 12, 2003 very good rundown of anti-anxiety drugs!
more information on new anti-anxiety drugs would be very helpful to me.THANK-YOU!!!
March 14, 2003 its disgusting
March 14, 2003 This was extremely informative, i was refreshed to see a good paper on this topic, hopefully you will indulge more into it at a later time
March 14, 2003

too much on a single page, slightly discouraging
but content's great!!!
March 14, 2003 I have a pituitary tumor that is beta producing. I have an extreme problem with remembering. I work and go to school and this is very difficult. This site is wonderful,please continue the work.
March 15, 2003
One of the best in the Web. JL Benitez, MD
March 16, 2003
Im an A level Psychology student, and have found the information on this website very helpful. It is well presented and easy to understand, but with enough depth to be useful.
March 18, 2003 maybe you could include some video files.
March 18, 2003
it was very good and interesting
March 18, 2003 I just covered learned helplessness in a psych. course, but this covered depression with comparisons of symptoms, etc. and we did not discuss depression except parenthetically (which is too bad, in my opinion).
Mike Pratum (Auburn, WA)
March 19, 2003 this sites really good and eveythin but its so hard to print stuff off it. can we have some slides or notes please
March 23, 2003
Pretty good mate...
March 23, 2003 Can not get the animation to play
March 24, 2003
I am doing research about animal models of human emotional disturbances. I found this learning resource very "attractive" and very useful.
March 25, 2003
thanks. this is fantastic for teaching A Level biology.
I can't always get your pics downloaded. we would happily pay for a disc copy of this fantastic site- which has loads of great material not available in text books.
March 26, 2003
i think i will never visit this ssite again, it was disturbing and i did not fully understand it
March 26, 2003 Awesome! Clear and concise presentation. Graphics are very useful.
March 27, 2003
This is very helpful material for updating older PhDs like myself. You may want to consider having readers earn continuing ed credits. Good work. Nick
March 28, 2003
I think that this is a wonderful resourse allowing the student to work in their own time. Can we have more of this please!
April 01, 2003 It is great! Please, do parkinson's and other neurodegenrative pathways mech. THNAKS
April 02, 2003 Excellent, very comprehensive. I now have a more knowledge as to how CNS depressants work. The material was easy to read and organisation was very good. The detail and clarity helped alot in understanding mechanism of action.
April 02, 2003 rather excellent as a source for teaching. Would like more sites like this on the WWW.
April 03, 2003
absolutely amazing,i wish all lectures could have a page like this, it makes the PSY128 module considerably less difficult and confusing!
April 04, 2003 This is an awesome resource. As a psychologist who studied psych when Freud was hot and congitive psych was new, this is a great resource. Can you refer me to info or articles online re the psychobio or neuroanatomy of attention and of beliefs?
Thank you
Pam Brill, Ed.D
April 23, 2003 excellent site quick to load would like to see more info on research into biological connections to sexual deviances.
April 24, 2003 thank u for your informatioin
April 25, 2003 I thought that you should put more information on the subject, child abuse. It would help me a lot to know what is really going on in the world and if i can help somebody else that i know that could be going through child abuse.
April 25, 2003 excellent
April 25, 2003 Simplified and highly organized presentation of difficult material helps make the information more easily understood. Thank you.
April 25, 2003 What a great website - I write ancillaries for psychology textbooks, and I will definitely list your link. Thanks so much for creating this site.

Nancy Melucci PhD
April 28, 2003 great site and lots of information. Thank you.
Amanda, Kuwait
April 29, 2003 Excellent for the explanations of the amphetamine model, lovely pictures and illusrations/ A link to the subsequent lectures would be much appriciated/
What about adding the data on the potency of various typical meds correlating to D2 occupancy?
Dr Sarah Kandel
April 29, 2003 this is a good but need better pictuers of synapses
need more organization i;ll give u an A or 80 over 100
April 30, 2003 excelent
April 30, 2003
Well done. Thank you very much. easy to uderstand and a great start to my essay. thanks again.
April 30, 2003 Thanks for your site - I'm a layman interested in evolutionary psychology and it has explained a great deal that I could not have gotten to in any other way. That man emerged with intellect,reason, and love will always be an unanswered mystery not explained by any theory. Jack Speer, Austin, Texas USA
May 01, 2003 it is nice but it can be made more animated if: the ones that difuse through the ECF are realy seen penitrating while that taken by the enzyme are eaten by an animal that is titled as enzyme, and the ones reuptaken are broken to their elements
May 01, 2003 This is tremendous material. Thank you for posting it.
May 03, 2003 thank you
May 03, 2003 I have been working on sensitive periods and trying to come to terms with the history of ideas. This information was both useful in terms of oragnisation as well as simplicity. I am trained in the humanities and have been slaughtered by the scientific terms I have been reading. Thanks.
May 05, 2003 this was an excellent resourse, many thanks!

Ross -Experimental Psychology, Cambridge University
May 05, 2003 This is a very informative site! Thanks.
May 07, 2003 It ranks highly on all four attributes you give as examples.
May 08, 2003
I thought that this website is very nicely done, it is concise and provides valuable information.
May 08, 2003 excellent piece of work. thank you.
May 15, 2003 I am a 3rd year psychology student doing some VERY last minute revision from Uni central lancashire. All your websites have been really clear and helpful. Many thanks
May 15, 2003 Very quick to download ,and very informative.
May 15, 2003 I read an article on Seligman's theory of Learned Helplessness almost 20 years ago and I still find it useful to reflect on his conclusions.
Dan Chance
May 17, 2003 whaw! this lecture realy open ny eyes.
keep the good jobs cause lot of people need a answer
May 17, 2003 very clear and informative
May 18, 2003 Hi i thought this was a great site. It covered all relevent material well. Used this page to help study for one of my finals in my hons yr in psychology
May 18, 2003 I was writing a paper on depression; the site as a whole was very useful in my presentation to my chemistry class, especially the animation of the neurotransmitters in the synaptic cleft.
May 21, 2003 This is an excellent sight; the best I have seen so far
May 21, 2003  Wow! This is great but you did spell organization wrong.
May 22, 2003 fantastic - wish my uni had this!
 May 24, 2003 Searching the web for info on hormones in association with sexual behaviour for a year 1 psychology essay and came across this site. All of the above were extremely well presented, organised and clear. Perfect! THANK YOU!!!
 May 26, 2003 I am currently doing Bsc Health Studies and I found your website extremly helpful. Thankyou
May 27, 2003 Could you include comparitive charts of all the anti-depressants. For example could you compare fluoxetine
to sertraline and paroxetine on the same chart as to there 5-HT reuptake inhibiting strength. Also please include
venlafaxine and bupropion.
May 27, 2003 excellent
May 28, 2003 Excellent - especially appreciated the diagrams
 May 28, 2003 your work is ok
May 28, 2003 very good!!
May 29, 2003 interesting. i suffer from ocd. i am learning about neurotransmitters in hopes of helping/understanding my illness. thank you for all of this on line info.. It's enlightening.
May 29, 2003 what a great site! can i use your animation of neurotransmission in a lecture i need to do, and if so, what are the restrictions if any?

joe reoux
May 30, 2003 this website does not give me what i am looking for.

June 01, 2003 I found this site very helpful Thankyou University Student (Biology) University of Leicester But URL's a bit slow
June 01, 2003 I am in a course in which I have to study pharmacology, it is intence and have a final on it monday, so I am trying to retain all the infomation , and it helps to see visuals and other opinions
thank you
June 02, 2003 Very clear, good detail, but clicking mouse over labels on brain didn't work on my iMac.
June 04, 2003 this source was really helpful very simple to use and the detail included was just enough. Similarly if needed extra sources were provided which again was very useful.
June 04, 2003 I find this to be an excellent resource. I am a school psychologist in Toledo, Ohio, USA. I am currently teaching a Testing and Assessment course at a local university and I am using your material for background.
June 07, 2003 wow! have an exam on parts of this this week. Thanks, it has made it all a bit clearer.
kate (sheffield uni)
June 08, 2003 i think it is pretty go. But i would be nice if you could as right down what each part od the brain does. to save others the time of having to search for that also
June 10, 2003 quite a few dead links
June 12, 2003 Great site... very interesting!
June 14, 2003 Why are there different neurotransmitters and different types of receptor sites?
Thank you for clearing up this confusion.
Martha Culton
June 16, 2003
I found it very interesting. Although the question of is there another way to stimulate the LH remains.
June 16, 2003 Well organised, loaded well through broadband. I Used great chunks of it on a lecture I had to do to my fellow nursing students on strokes and brain anatomy.
June 16, 2003
this is great. i have narcolepsy, symptoms of ADHD and have suffered severe mental trauma thru an abusive marriage and the fallout. I am trying to get medicated correctly and the doctors think everyone is a drug addict and I have spent 20 years of my life ruining other lives and being a nonproductive member of society while they prescribed every non effective medication known to man. My options became street drugs, now I am trying to do it legally. I have an advanced education and when under control used to run a multimillion dollar company. I appreciate the sight and my two children will too. It will help me learn how to help myself.

Thank you.
June 18, 2003  Excellent!
I'm working my way through these modules during my lunch hour, initially through idle curiosity and now because I'm really interested.
Well done.
June 19, 2003 easy to access/ straight forward/ interesting/ rich in informaion

June 20, 2003 wow, excellent graphics, good information.
June 23, 2003 Excellent learning resource, although disappointed that the link to Film Archive of Human Ethology is defunct.
June 24, 2003 I think that it was interesting in the sense that, it helps me visualize this scene(episodic memory)-remenbering of the name reserpine.
June 25, 2003 fantastic
June 29, 2003 Very nice presentation
July 01, 2003 A well presented piece of work which realy enlightened me on other aspects of Lh speed loading etc firstclass .Thank you FinC
July 08, 2003 runs very fast. No time to understand. Kindly add labels in the animation or audio explaining the process.
September 05, 2003 Fantastic site, especially love the use of illustrations to aid the test and information. Multiple choice questions are very useful as it is much easier to asses how you are doing with the answers being provided at the end.
September 05, 2003 great site, maybe you could put a search button in so people could search for topics within your site
September 25, 2003
Asd a graduate student I think that this informations re very knowledgable
September 26, 2003
Excellent, extremely clear and v useful teaching resource
September 26, 2003 very good
September 27, 2003 Good article. Do you have any information relating severe chronic pain to learned helplessness? Thank you
October 02, 2003 Regarding the dopamine release system and the rats inability to learn if this system were not triggored:

I did not get it, did you also try increasing the doses given to the rats who stopped releasing dopamine?
October 02, 2003
This site is a wonderful teaching tool. THe detail and presentation of information is very straightforward and clear making it easy to grasp concpets that can be difficult to understand or visualize.
October 04, 2003
October 08, 2003 PSY130Internet Research

 It is a good method to learn because we don't need to carry a lot of papers and it can avoid lost the important information. But, I, personally more perfect to use paper and pen , maybe because I am not very keen on computer.
October 08, 2003 PSY130Internet Research

very quick and easy to find way around. also very informative.
October 08, 2003 PSY130Internet Research

overall good but some of the emperiments have been completed and could not be viewed.
October 09, 2003
Well-organized, clear. My students want to know what happens when both LH and VMH are lesioned. My email is
 October 12, 2003 your web page is wonderful. I have to give a short presentation in my psychology class on learned helplessness, and this page really helped full in any blanks that I may have had.
Thanks a bunch,
Michelle Allard
October 20, 2003 PSY130Internet Research

All of the required information is here
loading speed is good
October 21, 2003 superb
October 23, 2003 : I would like it if you all would add some pictures to help me better understand what the ***** you all are talking about. Especially when you talk about Beauty and Symmetry and explain the waist to hip ratio--'0.7' and '1.0' means absolutely nothing to me. That does not help me at all.
These additions would greatly approve your site. Thanks in advance.

October 23, 2003 I thought your lecture was really interesting and informative, i like the animation, it mde it alot clearer to understand.
October 24, 2003
Thank you
October 27, 2003 Brilliant informative site :-) well done.
October 27, 2003 I'am very impression of this site.Iam from roumainian and this site have very good informations.Good like.
October 28, 2003 This is an excellent webside regarding information about Schizophrenia, and thanks to the creator for helping me on my project. You're site's made it to the bibliography!
October 28, 2003 Fabulous!
October 28, 2003 i was looking for information on jane goodall an ethologist and their was nothing on her in your site
October 29, 2003
many of your links are dead i.e. don't work. too many good things to list =)
October 29, 2003
Please send me course info, commencement dates,cost etc

October 30, 2003 I am very happy because i had Learning resource.
October 31, 2003 Loading speed is a tiny bit slow, but it's worth it. The information and the presentation was excellent.
November 01, 2003
loaded fast. organized. strange rendering of the microanatomy. clear theme.
November 03, 2003 Audio tour keeps cutting out during PSY236 Depression & Learned Helplessness
November 03, 2003
I love this website. I'm studying Psychology and the biology can be a bit daunting, so thanks for the clarity!
November 04, 2003  the animation doesnt work, would help if it did
November 05, 2003 i like the pictures
November 06, 2003 How would you tie in learned helplessness with child abuse?

Esther Walker
November 06, 2003 Your animation does not work
November 06, 2003 psy144gender

I still didn`t find what i`m looking for.
Iam astudant at the univarcity and the proffessor whant a subject about the "Gender differences in internal and external focusing among adolescents"
Thank you very much for your helpe.
November 08, 2003 With reference to the graphs, you can not always see the whole graph on the page, which makes it hard to understand as the axis and their labels are not all visible.
November 09, 2003
excellent site. however, please fix grammar, e.g.: galen did not run "foul" of inquisition, but rather, "afoul". thanks.
November 09, 2003 Thank you I found this site very useful. The content was clear and simple. The queries I have are related to the other factors that reduce the strength of Dopamine theory e.g stress, the location in brain of the dopamine therapeutic effects.
November 10, 2003
I think this learning resource was VERY helpful and well laid out. It simplified the information and made it to the point. The diagrams were also very well presented.
November 10, 2003 PSY130Internet Research
 it was generally good but some experiments could not get to
November 10, 2003 Generally good but could have provided information on further/other investigations carried out.
November 10, 2003  It is very good but has too much

November 11, 2003 FANTASTIC
November 12, 2003 This was a very informative site. It helped me get some ideas on what to write my essay on. Thanks!
November 12, 2003 The exercise the lines was inoperable
November 12, 2003
i think this has been the best informative site i have visited on evolutionary psychology- fj
November 13, 2003
I wish I'd known about this web site when I started Bio Bases 6 week ago!

November 14, 2003 I think it is really good but one thing I really want to know is the problem between the two gender or what are the differences they have between each other?
November 14, 2003 think this was a very educational site with lots of information. I also liked the graphs.
November 14, 2003 AWESOME! I really appreciate that you took the time to really make the material fun to learn, as well as CLEAR and easy to understand. Thank you!
November 14, 2003 Excellent first reference. A question came up and I stumbled on this site through a websearch. It provides a quick, well-written overview to an intriguing topic.

November 15, 2003 These where fantastic and very eciting and Irealy enjoyed them and I WOULD LIKE TO READ THEM AGAIN SOM DAY MABE NEXT SATERDAY AND I just want to say keep on with this web site
November 17, 2003 some of the links to articles do not work.
November 17, 2003
excellent site! well done
November 17, 2003
it was cool
November 19, 2003 Very, very well-done site! I teach an undergraduate Brain & Behavior course as well as a graduate Clinical Neuroscience course. In reviewing texts and course materials for these courses I have never seen as comprehensive and well organized a presentation of sexual biology. I wish I had the time to teach all the material you present! Thanks.

Bill Essman
University of Indianapolis
November 20, 2003 great
November 20, 2003  
this was absolutly amazing i am stuned at the fact i can understand it.i am a student of the buisness academy bexely in kent. i am studying phsycology and i am loving it. thank you so much
November 24, 2003 it would be nice if you had a link to a printer friendly version
November 24, 2003  
please include references
November 25, 2003 comments: I found it by chance. Excellent work!
Cesare Mondadori
CSO, Neuro3d, Mulhouse France
November 26, 2003 Better it's impossible!
November 26, 2003
this is very detailed and informative. i could not find any other site similar to this. keep it up!
November 27, 2003
loading speed OK
clarity of information OK
presentation excellent
November 28, 2003 Thanks for a great site. I have learned a great deal.
Nasr Anaizi, PhD
November 28, 2003 Greetings,

How does excessive dopamine occur on the postsynaptic membrane in patients with schizophrenia?
November 29, 2003 very usefull in terms of detail thank-you
December 01, 2003 This learning resource was extremely helpful, it was exactly what ii was looking for and answered any questions i had on this subject. Thank you
December 02, 2003 GREAT ,THANK
December 03, 2003 It would be useful to have dates next to theorys so i can reference them properly
December 04, 2003 Very simple, yet it has all the info needed to understand the process.
December 05, 2003 wish u were my lecturer
December 08, 2003 Very helpful information which downloaded quickly and efficiently. Very detailed expriments and clarity is excellent. Passed my paper because of you.
Thank you
December 09, 2003 Very well organized. However, I was wondering how long (depending on frequency and dosage as variables) would someone using morphine have to use, before he or she became physically dependent?
December 09, 2003
slow loading speed, oterwise OK
December 09, 2003 Excellant! Clear information and good images used
December 09, 2003
Brilliant - clear, organized, colourful graphics fun Right and Left brain way of presenting academic scientific material. Though being a woman I'd have preferred the option of a handsome male to "anchor" my learning!! Choice please!
December 11, 2003 very helpful, thank you
December 11, 2003 great
December 12, 2003 Thank you, so very much. I truly appreciate the information that you have provided. I will apply this information to transform my life and the lives of others. This means that you have made a difference in some ones’ life. May God continue to bless. That is from the bottom of my Heart
December 13, 2003 absolutely excellent the web site is very useful and the audio tour is very helpful I know alot of my freinds have used it to help with revision
December 13, 2003 It is a great presentation , simple, clear and concise
I'll send my students to this site
December 15, 2003
The loading speed is a little bit lengthy.
December 15, 2003 FAB!!!
December 16, 2003 Reading this, as a depressed nurse, was wonderfully enightening. Excellently written and presented.
December 17, 2003
Well it looks like its certainly going to help me with my coursework on the effects of conditioned drug tolerance and the importance that plays in drug overdose
December 18, 2003
this site was awesome, although it needs some more pictures of schizophrenia and the reaction of brain cells in the brain.
December 19, 2003 This is an excellent explanation of neurotransmitters.
May I use one of the graphics in a ppt I do on Neuro A&P?
December 19, 2003 excellent!
December 19, 2003 Good. interesting, well set out
December 22, 2003 Please could you include references of authors cited, as this would be useful, more credible and allow me to do further reading.

However, the information provided is useful and insightful.
Thank you.
December 22, 2003
Easy and of good quality
December 22, 2003
great summary!!
December 23, 2003 This site is very interesting and helped my a lot.
Thank You
December 30, 2003 I think your work is fab it has maintained my interest over the seasonal period.
January 04, 2004 very good page - i am writing a essay on depression and basing a large chunk around seligman - very helpful!
January 05, 2004 Excellent. I'm just a classical musician (also trained in Vet Science) thinking about emotions and the motor system; the internet can be very hit and miss for this sort of armchair research, but this was definitely a hit.
January 07, 2004 many of the links on the site on neurotransmitters are dead. Apart from that, still a fantastic resource.
Jette Hannibal, Denmark
January 08, 2004 Good for my grade 12 Biology class, but I was looking for info of specific neurotransmitters
January 08, 2004 Dear Paul,
You taught me many years ago; I'm now assistant head of a psychology department in a sixth form college where evolutionary psychology is being taught - great resources;a good balance between quantity and quality on the web pages and excelent additional comments.
January 12, 2004 amazing,so helpful second year nottingham
January 16, 2004
very enlightening and quick
January 17, 2004 Thank you very much for creating this resourse, it has been helpfull in understanding particular aspects of my course which I have had difficulty with.

AK, Nottingham University
January 22, 2004  
Absolutely wonderful pages, on all subjects. Clearly and concisely written, and above interesting!
January 22, 2004 horrible, way to confusing
January 23, 2004 This was very nice. Thank you for making it available online.
January 23, 2004
Absolutely suberb for the A2 topic on evolution of human beahviour. will reccomend to my sudents
January 24, 2004
I think it is magnificent
January 24, 2004 Thank you for this resource. I am applying it to a case where a woman was raped as an adult, after she had been raped for years as a child.
January 25, 2004 Excellent! Very helpful! Images loaded quickly, even with dialup connection.
January 26, 2004
This is a truly great resource. I consider myself quite fortunate to have found all of this information on one page. I will certainly be sending my intellectual friends and coworkers this way. Thank you.
Dan Duhigg
January 27, 2004 It would be better if one could read it with ease. The background makes this difficult.
January 27, 2004 Thank you
January 29, 2004 Dear Sir, Does it mean that you are running an Online course on Psychology? Could you kindly let me know some more details, please? Reply from Paul Kenyon Sorry, we don't offer distance learning courses
January 30, 2004 Keep it coming. I thougt it was great.
Thomas N. Elliott, Ph.D.
February 02, 2004 Awsome, this is very explanitory, and I have learned much from reading this.The detail with in this subject is just right and is easy to read and to not be confused.
February 02, 2004 this is a good and fantasic site.
February 02, 2004 Very interesting and explained very well even if I don't understand it all I did get some understanding
February 04, 2004
very good and useful but maybe you should include the biopsychosocial viewpoint as it is the one most currently recognised and used today? just a thought.
February 04, 2004 loading speed is very slow
February 04, 2004 this was very cool
February 05, 2004 Hi,

I just found your website. It's probably the best site I have found relating drug tolerance to learning concepts. I am going to link to it from my psy101 course website.


L. McCabe
February 05, 2004
Excellent - just was I was looking for!
February 06, 2004
Dear Doctor:
I just began to teach Psychology (University of Cd. Juarez in Chihuahua, Mexico), and I'm gratefull to you for this page, I have found so much help in this site.
Martha Ibanez
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